5 Marketing Tips to Further Room Reservations in the Hotel Business

If you’re in the hotel business and looking to get more room reservations, then this write-up is for you. You can follow these expert marketing tips and strategies to experience a boost in room bookings.

Use Social Websites (Facebook and Twitter, etc.)

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are crucial to be included in your marketing strategy. These channels are among the ideal places where your active presence can really catch the attention of people who are looking to schedule their next business or leisure trip. People can stay coupled with such social sites 24/7 so you can share engaging content with your audience. You can also encourage your guests to share the trip photos on social media. While they share their memorable moments with friends and family, ask them to use your brand’s hashtag. This strategy will help you create user-generated content that can help you develop an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Manage Your Brand’s Online Reputation and Reviews

In the hotel and hospitality business, it is of vital importance that you should cater to your customers in order to give them a luxury experience. If you provide your guests with dedicated support, you are likely to have incredible reviews about your online listing. Since travelers trust reviews as good as personal recommendations from friends and family, you can share these amazing customer service stories with them to inspire more travelers to use your service.

So, make sure you have a claimed business page and all the information you have provided – such as contact information, location, property descriptions, photos, and amenities – is 100% accurate and updated. And when you receive reviews on your listing, it is crucial that you respond to both positive and negative reviews. It will leave a positive impact on your potential guests that you are concerned about all your customers and their experiences, good or unfortunately bad.

Implement Professional Photography

We live in a world where an image could worth more than a thousand words, conveying your messages, feelings, and emotions more effectively than that of description. Having pretty, well-polished images on your website and social media assets will have nearly the same effect. Therefore consider investing in professional photography as you post your photographs of the hotel, on-site amenities, hotel rooms, and their surrounding area. As people are used to seeing pretty pictures with excellent detail, they are more likely to click off if they see anything less on your website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Create an Effective Google My Business (GMB) Profile

When it comes to your hotel’s online marketing strategy, having a Google My Business (GMB) profile listing can easily make this list. According to research by Travel Tipper, you can expect a 50% increase in your website’s organic ranking and drive a substantial amount of revenue via room bookings when you have a claimed GMB profile.

Setting up a GMB profile is pretty easy and simple too. It will just require the verification of your business credentials. Google will send a postcard in the mail to your business address that contains a special pin code and the instructions to get listed.

Invest in SMS Marketing

With the arrival of every guest, your goal is to provide them a lavishing experience and turn them into your hotel’s loyal customer and brand ambassador for other guests. SMS marketing can help you accomplish this goal. Using SMS text marketing, you can send them booking confirmations and share important information when they arrive to stay, such as information about certain amenities, breakfast, parking, and transportation, etc.

SMS marketing services are also helpful in requesting reviews and feedback and are very fruitful in giving any business a boost. Further, you can run an SMS campaign to make your prospects aware of the limited-time incentives and promotions which can result in driving more traffic and revenue into your accommodation business. So, choose an SMS broadcaster and help your guests receive important text messages while creating a positive, lifetime experience.

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