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What is a GSM Interceptor and Why is It Only for an Authorized Party?

The use of the GSM Interceptor in the digital era is controversial. Nonetheless, the general public has to recognize the device’s usability when it comes to public security. It is important to understand how the device works and the rightful use of this device by an authorized party.

Introduction to the System

What is a cell interceptor? Basically, it is a tool that enables its user to intercept communication via mobile phone. A significant part of mobile phone users opt for providers who use GSM technology. The interceptor will help tamper communication that uses GSM.

The form of interception that this tool can perform include:

● Tracing the location of a mobile phone user.

● Listening into the call made or received by a target mobile phone user.

● Reading texts made or received by certain phone users.

● Making false calls to target numbers.

● Creating mock text messages to send to target numbers.

● Some sets can hack into the phone’s data.

The Mechanism of a GSM Interceptor

How does GSM interceptor work? Service provider’s towers facilitate GSM-based communication. The towers transfer signals from one place to another in a complex, yet fast manner. The interceptor poses as a fake tower. Thus, communication will get diverted to the tool instead.

To achieve this function, the tool attracts mobile phone signals. The computer attached to the tool will then convert the signal into a discernible message with certain software. That way, the user can perform tasks that have been mentioned in the previous section.

GSM Interceptor
Pict from Unsplash

An interception device commonly consists of the following equipment:

● Antenna to catch the mobile phone signals.

● A computer unit with a pre-installed app.

● Unit of receiver.

Base transceiver station (BTS) unit to convert signals into digital data.

● A signal booster.

Normally, a GSM Interceptor will have its own specification. The device might not be able to handle mobile phones with 5G technology. Mostly, the device will urge the mobile phones to switch into 2G technology as it is easier to tamper with its signal.

Common Uses of the System

The question: What is GSM interception? has been answered. There are many uses of this tool that you may not be aware of. Certain uses are considered to be more controversial than the others. Here are some real life functions of this tool:

1. Catching a Crime Suspect

This tool is responsible for helping law enforcement in catching crime suspects. The device is capable of tracking the approximate location of a suspect if their general whereabouts are known. It also helps law enforcement in blocking their communication access.

2. Gathering Solid Proofs for Legal Purpose

Catching a suspect without proof is unconstitutional. In the current digital era, smartphones have become personal data storage for many people. A GSM Interceptor can hack the personal data inside a suspect's smartphone if it is relevant.

GSM Interceptor
Pict from Unsplash

3. Dispersing Protests

This particular use is controversial in democratic countries. Sometimes, authorities will use this tool to prevent protests from happening. The interception system may help authorities to block attempts of coordinating protests or even catch the protestors.

4. Preventing Public Attacks

Sometimes law enforcement receives tips about public attacks that may happen. The tool can block attempts of communication among the attackers, especially if they use a device with a GSM SIM card. Thus, public order can be maintained.

The Use by an Authorized Party

Seeing how sensitive the use of a GSM Interceptor is, only an authorized party can obtain this device. An authorized party will not use the personal information for their own gain. They have an aim to protect public order and therefore use the device.

In some countries, the government strictly monitors its market. People who have government clearance are the only ones who can purchase it. Those people are normally affiliated with the government body, such as police agencies and intelligence.

There will be a background review prior to purchasing the device. The buyer also needs to state the purpose of purchasing the system. This is a national affair, and gaining the public's trust for responsible use of the system is really important.

Closing Note

Certain groups are not pleased by the use of GSM Interceptor because it may lead to restriction in freedom of speech. It is rather difficult to argue that the tool is useless, though. It has benefited the public safety system over the years of its use.

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