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What is a GSM Interceptor and Why is It Only for an Authorized Party?

The use of the GSM Interceptor in the digital era is controversial. Nonetheless, the general public has to recognize the device’s usability when it comes to public security. It is important to understand how the device works and the rightful use of this device by an authorized party.

Introduction to the System

What is a cell interceptor? Basically, it is a tool that enables its user to intercept communication via mobile phone. A significant part of mobile phone users opt for providers who use GSM technology. The interceptor will help tamper communication that uses GSM.

The form of interception that this tool can perform include:

● Tracing the location of a mobile phone user.

● Listening into the call made or received by a target mobile phone user.

● Reading texts made or received by certain phone users.

● Making false calls to target numbers.

● Creating mock text messages to send to target numbers.

● Some sets can hack into the phone’s data.

The Mechanism of a GSM Interceptor