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IMEI Catcher 1 Mobile Device Identification

If you are familiar with the world of smartphones, surely you have heard the term IMEI Catcher before. The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a special identification number used to identify a cell phone.

The Function of IMEI Catcher

The IMEI number usually consists of 14 digits with the addition of a 15th digit which is used to re-verify all previous digits. These digits are used to check various information from the phone itself. Starting from the origin of the cell phone, the manufacturer, and the model number of the cell phone.

So, you could say IMEI is the official identity owned by your cell phone. This number is also used by GSM networks to identify mobile devices that are trying to connect to the network.

Therefore, IMEI Catcher can not only be used to identify mobile devices, but also to block lost and stolen phones from being able to connect to any GSM network. One of the best features that IMEI Catcher can do is track the whereabouts of your mobile device.