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IMSI, The Intelligent Equipment That You Need to Know

Intelligent equipment are all tools that can make human life easier and are equipped with computer intelligence in it to work. In this modern era, intelligent equipment is basically present in all aspects of your life, starting from your car, your smartphone, your computer, and many others. But in this discussion we will talk about IMSI that you may not know.

What is IMSI?

Some of you may still be familiar with a tool called IMSI. IMSI or commonly referred to as IMSI catcher is an intelligent tool that is usually used to intercept other people's connections and also retrieve data from smartphones connected to the device.

This tool can retrieve data in the form of IMEI numbers, telephone numbers, and even in the case of a professional IMSI catcher that can intercept people's phone calls and also find out the contents of text messages sent from smartphones connected to the catcher.

Of course, this tool is a tool that you should know and be aware of. In general life, the use of IMSI catcher has actually been done a lot. One of the most common examples of using the IMSI catcher is for advertising needs via SMS marketing.

This tool will detect and collect data on telephone numbers that are around this tool, then will send automatic promotional messages to these numbers. However, the IMSI catcher that can be used to intercept phone calls is still not widely used in general.

Intelligent Equipment
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How IMSI Works?

This intelligent equipment can work by being a fake connection transmitter. So that later all smartphones or cellphones that are around this tool will automatically connect to the connection emitted by the IMSI catcher.

Basically, the catcher becomes an intermediary between the transmitting tower connection with a smartphone or cellphone. In this way, the catcher can find out what the content of the message is or what the contents of a telephone conversation are connected to the connection it transmits.

Where to Get Your Own IMSI Catcher?

The use of IMSI catchers by the general public is actually still prohibited and even illegal in some countries. The only IMSI catcher that can be used by the general public is the passive IMSI catcher whose function is not as powerful as the regular IMSI which can intercept phone calls and other people's text messages.

Even the use of this type of intelligent equipment still has many restrictions and rules of use so that it does not interfere with the privacy of others.

If you want to get a legal passive catcher, you can get it at various electronics stores and online stores that provide these tools. However, for professional IMSI catchers, they are still not sold in bulk and it is also very difficult to get a catcher seller that really works.

Even if you find an IMSI provider, its capabilities are usually limited and will not be as sophisticated as the catchers used by governments and state security agencies for their specific missions. In some e-commerce itself there are catcher providers that you can find.

Intelligent Equipment
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How Much Does an IMSI Catcher Cost?

You certainly already know, the more sophisticated the capabilities of an intelligent equipment, then of course the price will also be more expensive. This IMSI catcher is a very expensive tool. This could happen due to the fact that its very sophisticated capabilities are also difficult to imitate.

Not only that, this tool is also very rare and very difficult to obtain, which adds to the factor why the price of the catcher can be very expensive. A catcher tool can be priced at 70,000 or even up to more than 200,000 dollars.

The high price of this catcher really depends on the type of catcher network. There are 2G, 3G, 4G. Not only that, this is also influenced by the ability of the catcher, the more sophisticated it is, the higher the price.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money to buy a catcher, you can make your own low budget catcher. In order to create your own catcher, you need to master coding skills. On the internet itself there are many tutorials that will teach you how to build your own catcher.

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