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Understanding SEO Keyword Rankings

The bloggers or website content creators are certainly no stranger to SEO keyword rankings. SEO is the optimization standards used by various search engines that will determine the order in which your content will be placed in search results.

The order of your content has a huge influence on the effectiveness of your content to reach your desired target audience. The higher you rank in search engines, the more likely people will click and open your content.

Common Question: What Keywords Do I Rank For?

The keywords that determine your ranking are the main keywords that often appear in your content. In a website content, especially articles, basically there are one or more keywords that will determine your SEO keyword rankings.

If you don't know what keywords are in the content you create, you can use various tools available on the internet to check it. You just search for "keyword identifier", then various tools will appear that can help you see what keywords you rank for.

But actually, keywords are something that you must determine first before a content is created. The content you create should revolve around a keyword that must be determined in advance through research that is relevant to the content you want to create.

These keywords can be obtained from an analysis of what words people often search for in search engines. You can search for the keyword that you will use yourself, or you can also see it with the help of a keyword search on the internet.

SEO keyword rankings
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How Do I Check My SEO Keyword Ranking?

You can check your SEO keyword rankings very easily. One way is to find your own keywords that you use in a content in a search engine. Later, search results will appear in the form of related content and contain the keywords you are using.

If the content of your website appears in the first search page, then congratulations. Your content is listed as search engine optimized content and ranks first in the keyword ranking. If you are placed on the upper rank, then you can have a much greater opportunity to get a lot of engagement and viewers.

The second method is a method that you can use if your content does not appear in the first page or order of search results. You can use the SEO ranking checker which will tell you how much rank content you have created automatically.

There are various ranking checkers that you can now use for free on the internet. Just search and choose which tools you trust to help you.

What Is A Top Ranking Keyword?

Top ranking keywords are a collection of keywords that are often searched for by many people, thus making it more likely to bring engagement and viewers for your content. This top ranking keyword is usually the exact word that hundreds or even thousands of people search for.

You can use this top ranking keyword as the main keyword in your content. Determining the right keywords is one of the important things that you should also pay attention to. Make sure you use top ranking keywords. The higher the ranking, the more people who search it, the better the results.

What Are The Top 10 SEO Ranking Factors?

To achieve a high rank in SEO keyword rankings, there are many factors or things that you should also pay attention to besides the use of keywords in your content. There are about 9 factors other than keywords that really determine the position of your content in SEO rankings.

The following are 10 factors that affect the ranking of your content, including keywords:

1. Website domain factor

2. Site level factor

3. Page level factor

4. The user interaction

5. Backlink factor

6. Google algorithm rules

7. On-site web spam

8. Off site web spam

9. Brand signals

10. Keyword factor

Although it looks very simple (only 10 factors), each of these ten factors is broken down into dozens of very complex factors that you should know. Therefore, to become an SEO writer is not an easy job. You must also master these various factors in order to create content that ranks high in SEO keyword rankings.

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