SMS Marketing: Most Important Mistakes to Avoid

Marketing SMS is exceptionally useful – particularly with shortcode message services from online platforms such as SMS broadcast tools. Your business can quickly send a plethora of personalized SMS marketing messages to customers with SMS broadcast – offering you an extremely valuable tool to take your SMS marketing to the new level.

Almost 85% to 92% of SMS messages are predicted to be read in less than ninety seconds. If you compare this to emails that at most only have an open rate of around 20%, the importance of SMS advertising can be seen easily. However, that doesn't really mean that SMS marketing is foolproof. Many mistakes can be made if using this technology incorrectly. That's why we have come up with a list of most important SMS marketing mistakes to avoid and make your marketing more effective.

Incorrect CTA (Call-to-Action)

Saying that CTA (Call-to-Action) as a heart and soul of any SMS marketing approach wouldn't be wrong. It's basically a text that asks customers to perform an action or do something like getting a haircut at half the price, getting huge discounts on deals and taking a guest free of charge to your gym, etc. CTA is your SMS message's most important aspect. Your customers will not comprehend what your advertising message is saying without an apparent and compelling CTA, which leads to an unsuccessful campaign. Make sure that CTA is sufficiently explicit, concise and appealing.

Sending Texts One After Another

Some text messaging companies believe that it is totally fine to send bulk SMS to their customers every day – or even more often than that. Well, that should not be the case. Text messages with up to 90% open rate sound lovely - but that also implies that customers get irritated if you send them messages one after another. They will start feeling like that you are taking benefit of their trust and ultimately, they will be most likely to get your number blocked or unsubscribe from your SMS list.

Not Getting Permission

You must have immediate approval or permission from the customers if you send a text or SMS message – so that you can stay legal. When creating an SMS list, just let people know that you are going to text them frequently and link them to your privacy policy. Otherwise, it’s illegal to do that. Just be sure that when you gather phone numbers, you always receive permission from the recipients.

Choosing Wrong Time for Messages

Again, the immediacy of text messages relates to this problem. Customers almost always read text messages with immediate effects, very much unlike an e-mail in an Inbox of a customer which can be read at any time. That means that your text messages must be timed appropriately to make them more useful. After all, when you already closed, it's not a bold move to send a piece of customer information about a sale to your shop at midnight!

Small List of Phone Numbers

A robust SMS list can be hard to create. That can't be done online generally. In general, you need to have a phone number to send a message to him/her and have him/her opt-in to your SMS messages campaign. If your SMS text messages do not include a comprehensive list of mobile phone numbers, only a tiny amount of individuals will be marketing then – and this will decrease the general efficiency of your campaign, without a doubt.

At last, you can definitely modernize the way in which you use an SMS marketing system for your company or business by following these listed above practices. Look firmly again at these marketing methods now and think about how you can use the authority of SMS marketing to give a significant boost to your sales, services or customer loyalty nowadays.

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