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Track IMSI Number for Identifying Users on GSM Networks

Track IMSI Number can be done by yourself if you know the way to identify it. As you know, an international mobile identity, or IMSI, is a unique ID number associated with a mobile phone user. It is stored on the phone's SIM card and is used to identify users and plan the phone's network.

If you transfer a SIM card from one compatible phone to another, IMSI will naturally transfer with the SIM card. If a cell phone has multiple SIM cards, such as to connect to multiple networks, each will have its own IMSI number of SIM..

How To Check The IMSI Number?

Some phones have a built-in option to display the IMSI number and other unique numbers associated with the phone, and some phone IMSI apps can display the IMSI on demand.

To find out the 5G IMSI catcher number depends on your phone. You may be able to enter a special keystroke to access your IMSI number. This can work by using a command built into the phone or by contacting your phone's server operator to request the number.

This code can contain many kinds and also many combinations of numbers. You can see the code of your own cell phone number in the settings. For example, your IMSI number can be seen in your cellphone settings which contains some important data about your cell phone.

Tap the "About" entry in the menu, then tap "Status" or "Phone Identity". IMSI will be listed under IMSI if available through this menu. You can also Track IMSI Number on your Android phone by installing a special app. Make sure to install the one you trust, because that will have access to data about your phone.

There is hitech terminal fourfold enterprise that is equipped with IMSI Catcher. You can get free service by using this tool. For any details information, you can visit our website.

Track IMSI Number
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What Can I do With IMSI Number?

IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identity. This is a unique 15 digit code that is internationally used to identify users on GSM networks. These IMSIs have unique properties, which means that no IMSI is the same all over the world. There are several things you should know about IMSI.

IMSI consists of 3 important parts. They are:

  • Cellular Country Code or MCC, this is the country code of origin of the telephone network.

  • Mobile Network Code or MNC, this code is the operator code of the telephone network.

  • Mobile Subscriber Identity Number or MSIN.

So with IMSI your mobile phone gets an identifying code to the telephone network. This IMSI code is stored in the SIM or Subscriber Identity Module and also the HLR where the subscriber is registered.

Later this IMSI will be used to generate TMSI or Temporary IMSI which is carried out by HLR. In 1 IMSI can be used for multiple numbers using MSISDN. This IMSI consists of an arrangement in the form of an arrangement of numbers.

How To Block IMSI Catcher?

Track IMSI Number
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IMSI numbers are uniquely Customer IDs and cell phone packages, similar to bank account numbers uniquely identifying customers, are usually 15 digits long. It includes a five-digit or six-digit prefix that identifies the carrier of the phone.

The remainder of the number is then a unique account ID number in the operator's system. This number is an exclusive number that is only owned by 1 card and is usually attached to the SIM card or phone card inserted into the cellphone.

To block IMSI Catcher conventionally, the procedure should be a two-stage process, consisting of a search for unwanted software and deleting of the found applications. Beside that, you can also use a stingray tracking app.

You can use the monitoring application IMSI catcher detector to check and detect fake BTS used by attackers in the smartphone tracking process. With this app, it's easy to avoid IMSI traps and get timely notifications about the transmission of unencrypted traffic that is not encrypted properly.

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