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Get to Know How to Track Phone by IMEI Number in an Easy Way

International Mobile Equipment Number, commonly abbreviated IMEI, is a sequence of 15-16 digits. IMEI has a function for checking the warranty and knowing the phone's identity. Especially if your phone gets lost, the best way to find it is by track phone by IMEI number.

The Main Function of IMEI Number

IMEI number function can be used as an anticipation if your phone suddenly gets robbed, and someone wants to access it; IMEI number automatically can block the cellular network and is non-activated.

You can imagine the IMEI number as a fingerprint. There is no same IMEI number on every device, this digits number is authentic and one digit IMEI number is the only one on the device.

But, The IMEI number is tied up by your Sim card. If you use two sim cards in one device, then you have different IMEI numbers.