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  1. We are not responsible for the misuse of this machine, and the buyer is fully responsible for the contents of the SMS when you using this devices.

  2. The buyer must be aware of the frequency license applicable in the destination country, and if a license is required to use the device, the buyer is fully responsible about this with local authority.

  3. Before choosing the machine, buyer always advisable to consult with the technical support parties, so when the machine type have been choosen, its not available to change and refund. because its not a common products, the hardware and software will specifically adjust to buyer selected country destination. So please make sure you are not mistake for chosen the products by always consulting with our sales department.

  4. ​The appearance of the machine may change due to the addition of features or upgrades. So the photo products you seen at website is approximately. It will not have huge changing like suddently change to another products, but maybe some plugs will increase or dissppear because of upgrade.

  5. We are not responsible for all matters related to shipping, such as machines being held at customs, taxes that arise due to customs, therefore we ask customers to have a good custom clearance line, so that this matter can be avoided. About the shipping we will always follow the instructions from customers. So if you have specific request, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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