Frequently asked questions

About SMS Technologies

How can this machine sending SMS to nearby without any cost?

This powerful Hitech Terminal device using the Base Station technology and its has the ability to detect cellphones that are active around it and can directly transmit SMS via frequencies sent directly from this device. So you no longer send SMS via the operator but your SMS is directly transmitted through the frequency emitted from this device.

How much the speed of Sending SMS can be?

Basicly the sending speed is "up to" 20.000 SMS / hour in real count. And sending speed is very depend on your environtment and crowd of peoples. Beware of other seller promise that sending speed can up to more then 50.000 SMS / hour but in fact they only generate the fake count at the software. We use the highest quality hardawres, and we have the latest great software features, so we can guarantee that all machines from hitech reach the highest achievable speed in its field.

How much the range of Sending SMS ?

The machine able to sending "up to" 300m to 2km. More high you place the antenna, the radius can reach more far range. We use the highest quality hardawres, and we have the latest great software features, so we can guarantee that all machines from hitech reach the highest achievable radius range in its field.

How many SMS Characters I can send?

We have so many types of SMS Broadcaster Machines, the highest version of our machines can let you able to send up to 1200 long Characters.
Ussually for SMS we dont send that long characters, because receiver will ignore the spam messages like this, but we just prove it we have that advance ability to create that features. Mostly type of SMS Broadcaster is able sending up to 318 to 400 characters, and this is more then enough. Ussually we only create a short SMS like up to 160 characters only.

Can I control the machine over long distances?

Yes, we have one of our Best Seller type called, Server Pro and Server Mini that allowed you to control the machine over long distances via our Hitech Applications. Our Hitech Applications is registered officially at IOS Appstore, and Android Playstore. You can download it from there, and use it with no worries any spyware.
Beware of other seller provide the application apk install manually, because we dont know there is any spyware at there. Only Hitech SMS Broadcaster now the only one have the Software registered at IOS Appstore and Android Playstore.
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What is multiple access?

Multiple acces means, you able to operate the machine over multiple devices. Like you able to control is over Ipad, Iphone, Android phone, or any ohter smartphone, and also you able to operate it over Laptop or PC OS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, OSX, Linux. So our device support operate by multiple devices at the same time

Is it work for my country?

Yes, Almost all country using same GSM/WCDMA/LTE technologies. And it all only about the choosing the bands or Hardware. For details about this, please contact our sales department directly and we will recommend you what type of SMS Broadcaster is suitable for you

About Purchase, Payment, and Shipping

How to purchase the Machine?

You can purchase the machine directly from our website, or purchase over the Wix Application, or you can contact our sales department by Call / Whatsapp. We have so many types of machine, we will recommend the best machine with best price and suitable for you.

How about the payment?

When you ready to buy, we have many ways to receive your payment: - Paypal (The fastest and the most safety way because come with buyer protection with 4.4% admins fees) - Manual Bank Transfer (to our Company Account or Personal Account), if there is a tax fee we need to pay to country, if you choose Company Account. - VISA (pay instantly using your credit card) - Western Union (the old school type payment, you need go to bank) - Alipay - WechatPay - Bitcoint (The new type payment option, Instantly and zero admin fees)

How you ship the machine? And from where do you ship it?

We charge the FLAT Shipping cost for each type of machine, and we will arrrange shipment from China directly or from our partner country (Malaysia, Phillipines, Indonesia) From where we ship it will not change the shipping cost, because charge flat shipping cost.
We always choose the fastest option of shipping method and insurance fees also covered. We have Shipping option by DHL, FEDEX or UPS depend on what freight forwarder is the fastest arrive to you. Mostly we using DHL or Fedex.

About After Sales Service and Techical Support

How about the warranty? And how to claim?

We provide lifetime warranty for software, and for hardware we provide 1 year International warranty. This machine very rarely has problems, and we did very high quality control before we ship the machine to you.
If some hardware problem still occurs, we will analyze the problem remotely by teamviewer + video call, and if the problem is a small problem, we will send you spare parts and teach you how to fix it. (This is the lowest cost and efficiency because we need to avoid high shipping cost, and customs tax every time we ship it. And if the problem is big problem, the way is you send the main unit only back to factory or our partner country, then after fixed it will send back to you again. All shipping costs tax when claiming warranty costs to customers.

I received the packaged, but I still confuse how to use it, then how?

You can contact our Support department, and we have the Support department team will teach you step by step from Teamviewer + Video Call. And we also provide the step by step manuals for our machine.

About Reseller and Partnership

I have big potential customers and I want Reseller/ Partnership price

Sorry, we only will discuss with the customers who really purchase our machine at least one machine in hand about Reseller or Partnership. But the way, our price is covered by Best Price warranty, when you see some other seller can provide you lower then us, you need to provide the prove by record the call, or share the screenshoot. We will analyze is the products is same quality, or same features, if Yes, your request 100% will get approved. So we think it will not hard for someone serious want to sell this device to start to purchase only One unit. We believe that you want to choose the Best Partner with the highest quality products with best software features. It is will easier for you to grow your business.

I want to purchase first unit, and this unit for Demo and not for Sale, I want discount for that unit please.

We understand for some customers said that first unit is want just for demo and will not sell it, but we provide the Best Price warranty even your first machine or your next purchase for huge quantity purchase. So please contact our sales department directly, we will discuss about that.