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5 Easiest Ways to Collect Phone Numbers for SMS Marketing

So, you finally decided to start your campaign by playing text messages, but now you face the next question of how you can collect phone numbers. Well, it seems tedious and overwhelming task - but it will finally be worth the end result. Do not worry a little because we are here to lead you through the entire phone number collection process. So, let’s get it on!

How to Make Phone Number’s List?

There are hundreds of devices or tools that operate like a phone number catcher, and they will probably set back you a bit. However, to create a list manually, you should keep a couple of things in your mind. No matter how attractive it is to buy a prepared list of phone numbers, this should not be done at any cost. Be careful that this is itself not illegal in any case.

In most of the countries like the United States, sending of text messages to clients who did not take part in your campaign is entirely illegal and subject to high financial penalties. It is preferable to know the legislation on SMS commercialization in your jurisdiction to prevent unauthorized commitments.

Following are the five most important steps that you can take to create a wide list of phone numbers to send texts during your SMS marketing campaign.

  • Create a Keyword with Uniqueness

One of the perfect ways in which customers can easily choose is to send a keyword to your short-code of the company. Keywords must be easy to remember and useful for your business. All types of data are available to people nowadays, so chances are most interested clients may forget to subscribe immediately to your campaign. One way to make sure it fits people's mind is by creating a memorable keyword.

  • Keyword Promotion

It's obvious that you must get your message out if you want people to subscribe to your SMS campaign. That implies that you can advertise your keyword everywhere to be as visible as possible. No matter where you are planning to advertise — if it is the website of a company, e-mail newsletters or even social media reports — it is essential to show your keyword along with a call to action (CTA) to get new subscribers attracted.

  • Online Sign-Up Form

While the most common way of building a subscribers base is by texting a keyword to sign-up for a text marketing campaign, a useful option is for individuals to sign-up straight from your site via a sign-up form. Besides offering clients more choices, it simplifies the process.

  • Host Contests for Awareness

The simplest way to collect a list of mobile phone numbers is by far to host text contests. Create a competitive award and ask individuals to join your contest by entering their phone numbers. It's just as simple. Your list of subscribers will not only increase but also, it'll create brand awareness and engage more and more customers. It's a combination of all in one.

  • Offer Incentives

Would you like individuals to choose voluntarily for your campaign? How about offering them incentives? People know that their phone numbers are useful data, so it's mandatory to provide them with a valid reason to share their phone numbers. Regardless of whether you do so through exclusive benefits or discounts, it is essential for individuals to know that something exciting is there when they subscribe

Text marketing helps to enhance company growth, sales and create brand loyalty. Not to mention, there is no other channel that offers as much customers engagement as SMS marketing does. So, what are you waiting for? Start gathering numbers now and take your business to success.

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