5 Innovative Techniques to Improve SMS Marketing and Engage Customers

Some online sources have claimed that SMS marketing is outdated with all the latest technology these days. That cannot, however, happen if firms or companies with a forward-thinking approach are used for revolutionizing sectors. Marketing policies of giants like Facebook, Airbnb, and Apple all have text messaging campaigns. Therefore, the SMS is up against platforms such as WhatsApp, which progressively popularize marketing.

Traffic from SMS should reach approx. 2.3 to 2.6 trillion by 2020 - according to the sources. And we are not surprised that within the first three minutes of delivery, more than 96% to 99% of SMS messages are read that might lead companies to turn to SMS as a means for communication and commercialization with customers and take their businesses to the next level. Every year, on average, 8.5 to 8.7 trillion text messages are sent. In the United States alone, 5 to 7 billion a day. That is more than 18-20 times as many tweets and 10-13 times as many Facebook messages sent every day.

It is no wonder that marketing teams find SMS marketing extremely successful with all this message. The most efficient direct marketing channel in many sectors is mobile messaging. SMS is becoming more frequent than you might believe, and also for an excellent reason. Marketing for B2B SMS can be extremely efficient.

The following are five innovative tips for enterprises that use SMS marketing to generate sales, inform their customers about their latest and coolest offers as well as reward programs.

Instant Discount

You only have to get an alert on your mobile phone and find out that you just have a text notification out of the blue with the discount code. An approach is simple to implement. For no particular occasion, just send out discount codes at random moments. It keeps your business in your customers' minds and provides them with the reason not to unsubscribe. The main thing in this approach is that mobile subscribers do not have such deals available. That offers more incentives for individuals to join your list. You can manage all these things on a single platform like SMS broadcaster machine that offers you a plethora of other options to run your SMS campaign successfully too.

Time is a Key Point

Timing, as it is said, is everything! If you want your SMS campaign to be effective, you must pay attention to two significant elements of timing. First, fluid messages are less operative as compared to those with expiring deals. So, make sure you create your SMS message to show that the deal "expires quickly" or something which is related to it.

Secondly, you should want your SMS messages to be sent in a timely manner. For instance, when someone purchases a specific item, in the hope that he or she is interested, you can send them an SMS message about an associated element.

Coupon Codes

Nothing new is available to companies using SMS as a marketing tool to distribute coupons and vouchers. Taking advantage of a coupon campaign can be an efficient strategy for companies because it keeps the customers involved and keen to communicate with your brand.

Convincing Dazzling Offers

Whilst discount coupons may not be sufficient to force the customers to work with your company, discount coupons with an attractive free service are excellent for achievement.

A Tip Once in a Week

Do make use of your SMS sender device and send out an essential weekly tip to your subscribed customers via SMS. Make sure the advice you send is related to your company or business and quite helpful for the audience. It not only helps to generate your sales but also increases the worth of your business.

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