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5 Most Versatile Steps to Make Your SMS Campaign More Interesting

Are you looking for SMS marketing services for your business? If so, you might also be thinking that whether people using this kind of marketing services are getting satisfying results or not. Before you contact any of the famous vendors for SMS broadcaster machine, there are various obvious points that you need to consider prior to investing in this marketing strategy. Read on to learn about them!

1. Push Your Exciting Offer in the Message

With the SMS advertising channel, you generally have only 160 characters to grab the attention of your customers; therefore, the most exciting component of your marketing message – your glittering offer – should sit upfront. When you push your glittering offer in the text message, it will help your recipients to see and understand the selling point by just previewing the very first line of your message on the phones’ message overview.

Among the receivers of SMS marketing campaigns:

  • Out of 100, nearly 33% of those targeted by SMS marketing respond to offers

  • Half of those who respond go on to make a purchase

2. Must include your brand name

According to statistics, there are roughly more than 16 million SMS text messages sent per minute across the entire world, and that means, you potential customers and prospects may be receiving a huge number of texts per day. By virtue of this, you need to provide them with the all the important information in a single message, including the short/tiny URLs and your company name, particularly. Never assume that your audience recognizes you and include your brand name at the end of every single message as it will help build and improve your brand recognition.

3. Create a Sense of Exclusiveness

Customers have been observed to respond quickly to an insider deal or tip that feels exclusive about the purchase they have been just about to make. By taking advantage of such activity, you can create a sense of exclusivity or give a feel of uniqueness (even it doesn’t feel as unique as it seems) to the offers you pass out to your SMS targeted advertising list. While you are looking to make your customers realize that they are one of the lucky few members, remember it’s pretty simple and can be done easily by following such tactics as:

  • Sending new customers promos and coupon codes with “new member only” discounts

  • Pointing out your customers with their first name when you send them promotions and also by sending them a deal as a special thanks for their true loyalty to your company or brand

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

Once you have created a sense of exclusive and uniqueness, it’s time to make it feel urgent by mentioning the expiry date that will motivate customers to make use of the promotions before they end. As customers may also fear about missing out on that limited time deals, it’s very crucial that you create a sense of scarcity by including such phrases to your text marketing campaigns as:

  • while supplies last

  • today only

  • one-time only

5. Include a strong call to action

Promotional text messages sent without a strong call to action seem to be sent out just for the sake of it, which is not at all healthy for even a single SMS for business that you circulate across your customers’ database. By adding a compelling call to action – for instance, “take advantage of this promotion today!” or “confirm you next appointment today!” – will encourage the audience to take action quickly which can lead to an increase in sales and revenue.

Bonus Tip - Start Small and Make Your Way Up

Last but least, you should start small – like, 4 to 5 messages per month for the first months – before you ramp up to over 10 messages per month. Hitting your potential customers with everything will make you lose the game.

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