5 Surefire Strategies You Can Use to Boost Your Brand Awareness

It all starts with brand awareness…

Brand awareness is crucial when you are launching new goods and services, as it differentiates the distinctive image and qualities of your brand from other competing companies, thus driving consumers’ decisions and generating sales to your business.

If there exists a lack of brand awareness, however, it can result in almost no customer engagement and lackluster leads, becoming the cause of greatest distress for all your marketing efforts, even if you have developed the most unique product in the world’s market. So, all you want to do is make your brand stand out while making it easier for customers to find you. Your consumers should be familiar with your brand so much so that whenever they feel ready to make a purchase, the image of your company’s products and quality comes into their minds.

How to generate a buzz around your brand?

When developing a sense of brand awareness strategy, there are various activities that you can focus on. PR campaigns, sponsorships, and events are a few of the great strategies you can use to stick out from your competitors, but these activities can be expensive. What if you don’t have a huge budget? Sure, you can still make efforts to increase your brand awareness and beat the big guys in the industry, without costing a fortune.

Here are a few reliable and affordable ways you can use to make consumers aware of your brand.

1) Being proactive through social media – Sites like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube can all work in favor of your business depending on how you go on to use these technological advances to your advantage. As you know these sites are free to join, so you can make use of them to extend your reach, get in touch with new customers, and build awareness. Share your updates and exciting promotions and conduct polls to attract and engage a valuable audience.

2) Using SMS marketing – You see almost everyone has some type of mobile phone device in their hand, whether it is a smartphone or otherwise, all having the capability of sending and receiving text messages. What’s more, SMS has an overwhelming open rate of 98% with 95% of all text messages being read in the first 3-5 minutes. Plus, this marketing channel is fast, effective, and so cost-effective that with an SMS device you can send bulk SMS to thousands of people without spending a fortune. No matter you have a small or large business, SMS technology is sure to make you thrive and that too on a budget.

3) Through content marketing – By mastering content marketing and producing quality content, you can position your brand as an expert in your industry. It’s the valued-added articles, blog posts, and guides that can set your brand identity on the right path by providing exclusive information, secret tips and tricks, and ongoing value. The benefits can range from more lead generation to increase traffic to a loyal following.

4) Using the power of video marketing – The effectiveness of video marketing is evident through such facts that YouTube has almost one billion daily views and Facebook sees around 0.5 billion people watching videos on it every day. Compared to text, videos offer an extremely enhanced and richer experience to your audience and can influence their purchase behavior a lot while increasing your brand awareness.

5) Cross-promotions and strategic partnerships – Carefully considered strategic partnerships and cross-promotions are often neglected strategies by many marketers, but they offer a highly efficacious way to generate brand awareness. This way you can extend your reach to an entirely new audience outside of your own customer database.

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