5 Text Marketing Mistakes No One Will Tell You About

After all, all of us create errors, and until the day when AI replaces all of us, we still have (for luck) a task to do, and one of them is evidence that we check our work until it goes out. We most of the times, miss something, and it may not be life-threatening, depending on how small or large it is.

The professionalism, credibility as well as thoroughness of the business concerned may, however, always be damaged. And that leads us first to SMS marketing fatal mistake.

Forget to Check Twice

You should always check in fact double-check once more! You would definitely be amazed to hear how many businesses and firms make that fundamental mistake. They don’t prefer checking or verifying grammatical errors, spellings and rectifying them before sending. Only a few minutes to get the messages corrected is all it takes for your company’s or brand’s reputation to remain undamaged.

Sending Messages Over and Over Again

All right! So, you've got your rightful SMS marketing listing that you've collected using all the right ways. It's fine too if people have opt-in and ready to receive messages from you. Now it is your intention to keep your consumers engaged and interested. Try not to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable as they will immediately opt-out or unsubscribe from your mailing list.

There should be a big "No" to sending a plethora of messages or sending the same message more than once. In this kind of marketing, relevancy and timing both are highly important for your target audience.

Bad CTA (Call-to-Action)

One of the most significant errors or mistakes are done by the marketers is not to provide an appropriate, concise call-to-action (CTA). Sometimes, the recipient is totally amazed, asking why he/she even got the message first. Be noted that it's just a waste of time and waste of money too. CTA is a key element in enabling action and letting the recipient understand why the message was received first. It involves them by making an interactive passive activity. The principal point or the most important thing of sending an SMS marketing message is to ask the recipient to perform some action or purchase something.

Not Choosing a Right Time

The ideal timing for SMS marketers to send a text message to the audience is in between 12 PM to 6 PM, according to the studies. 12 PM to 6 PM is the perfect as it’s the normal timing in which we're most active. That can, of course, vary depending on the audience you target. Some viewers might be extremely active before midnight. But in the majority of the marketing industry, it is a universal law that everything after 8 PM and before 9 AM is personal time and the opt-out rate is expected to be a bit higher. As we always mention in our articles, try over and over again to find out what works perfectly for you.

You won’t go on the wrong route once you abide by the SMS marketing rules and regulations and find your magic formula to send messages to the audience.

Not Adding Personal Touch

You have to have a target audience, or you only shoot in the dark to make a point which doesn’t make any sense. Text messages should be equipped with a personal touch. They should have something that the customer really likes. Inserting a customer’s name, company’s name and using relevant details can be a bold move.

Most of the SMS marketing platforms enable you to set up your own target groups such as age, gender, and place, etc. That can help reduce your crowd to precisely what you need. You can quickly learn how to do this with SMS broadcaster platform.

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