5 Ways You Can Use Texting in the Workplace

Texting is a great way to make communication with your employees and staff members more efficient, better, and immediate. Below, we give you an insight into the possible ways you can utilize text messaging and alerts for your company at work.

1) Send out meeting reminders – With a plethora of things going on all through the weekdays, missing out on conference calls and meeting can be a no big thing. To make sure that those important meetings are not forgotten, managers and employers can take advantage of SMS alerts which can be vital in solving such issues by informing the respective individuals regarding when and where the said meeting is going to be held and whose presence is mandatory. These text message alerts can not only be forwarded to certain individuals but also to the entire group. To take the hassle out, the reminders can be sent out automatically by integrating the alerts to a suitable calendar application.

2) Send notifications regarding incidents and emergencies – There are so many people in every workplace who does not check their emails consistently. What it means is that crises communication including emergency and closure updates and notifications can be missed out. On the other hand, text alerts are one of the most accessible and convenient tools ever known to update your employees regarding such emergencies, efficiently and in just a matter of seconds. Because texting is a real-time communication channel and improves team or group collaboration a lot. It enables you to inform your colleagues and employees about the vital instructions on what to do and how to respond during the times of emergencies. Further, you can use text notifications and alerts to let everyone know about the public holidays or any other time they might have off from the office.

3) Circulate feedback and suggestion surveys – Surveys are one of the good ways to encourage a better work environment in the company. Through an SMS broadcast system, employers and managers can circulate text messages with links to employee feedback or suggestion surveys. Since employees have their smartphones on them almost all the time, accessing these surveys will be made simple and at their own comfort. Clearly, this enables you to create a more progressive environment in which data and feedback can be gathered as well as assessed easily.

4) Make recruitment and selection process smooth – Most organizations nowadays prefer internal recruitment than external recruitment because if you hire externally, it takes to put an extensive amount of effort, time, and money. And also due to the reason that a lot of companies already know as well as trust their employees, they opt for internal recruitment and selection. The best thing is, SMS alerts make the life of those employers easy by allowing them to send texts to their existing employees informing them about new open jobs in the company. It’s also pretty beneficial for employees since they will now be updated about the different job roles and positions they might have a dream to pursue. Moreover, if your company prefers external recruitment, text messaging can also be used for it. When you use texting for external recruitment purposes, the added bonus you get is that your business or brand gets promoted.

5) Take an instant poll for easy decision making and planning – Various companies are using SMS tools to take an instant poll in order to know the unbiased, sincere thoughts and opinions of their employees. Suppose you're holding an annual event like Christmas office party but need some suggestions regarding the venue. You can use SMS alerts to conduct polling for this purpose. Not only will the decision making and planning be made easy but you’ll also do away with talking to each individual of your department or team one by one.

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