6 Types of Industries That Are Making the Most Out of Text Message Marketing

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Like many other marketing strategies and tactics, text message marketing works better for certain types of industries than others. Here we share the 6 major types of industries who are reaping the benefits and rewards from SMS marketing.

HR and Recruitment

The use of text messaging in HR and recruitment is something very much common as lots of recruiters make use of texting to communicate with the candidates, as well as, to schedule tests and interviews, and even inform them about job alerts. Bulk SMS messaging is beneficial to help organize the workflows for busy recruiters, such as in scheduling a training session or meeting with text message reaching hundreds of their employees in a few seconds and with a simple touch of a send button.


All the major retailers utilize text marketing to drive foot traffic, give their sales a boost, both online and in-store, and increase customer engagement and experience, and more. What’s interesting are the statistics related to SMS retail marketing showing more than 30% of those messages get a response from the users within the first fifteen minutes of being delivered. Retailers know very well how to take full advantage of SMS marketing when it comes to enticing customers with special promotions or showing that you care about your customers through customer support messages.

Hotels and Restaurants

Hospitality industry including hotels and restaurants are increasingly using SMS broadcast tools to engage with their customers, bring in new customers, increase loyalty of current customers, and provide better customer service. Some of the most used aspects of SMS marketing services include booking confirmations, reservation reminder messages, cancellation texts, text messages at the time of check-in and check-out, and follow-up SMS messages for pending payments.


It’s pretty amazing how healthcare providers use SMS marketing as an effective solution to their customer support and branding needs. According to the estimates made by a recent research, around 80% of smartphone users worldwide want healthcare alerts about their medical appointments, reschedules, and follow-ups. And healthcare provides are making full use of this opportunity to not only cut costs but to save their precious time as well. The use of SMS in healthcare industry can also be focused on getting across the motivational messages, blood donation information, and medication side effects information, to name a few.

Travel Companies

Text marketing has tremendous benefits to offer the travel industry. Whether your travel company provides flights, cruises, car rentals, or all-inclusive holiday travel, you can use SMS for business communication and customer service purposes.

Travel companies are implementing SMS strategies to send confirmation notifications when a customer makes reservation, booking details, updates on flight details, and reminder text messages about customers’ bookings the night before travel. SMS texts also provide a great way to notify your customers about the schedule changes that could affect the travel times, keep them up-to-date on arrivals and departure information, and provide them the information they need about customer support.

Marketing and Media

Marketing and media is the type of industry which raves about SMS marketing the most. Almost all businesses and brands make SMS an integral part of their marketing mix and we all know why – to engage, promote, and generate leads, especially through location based mobile marketing campaigns.

A vast majority of new generation are keen to receive offers from businesses via text, because they use their smartphones to carry out their day to day activities. So, businesses are utilizing text message marketing for all sorts of promotional things, ranging from coupon codes and promos to flash sales, loyalty programs, and VIP events. According to statistics, promotions sent through mobile texts get redeemed more frequently (up to 10x) when compared to print offers. Furthermore, businesses do texting for generating new leads, following-up with leads, and re-engaging past customers, along with providing customer service and many other reasons.

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