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A Fool-Proof Formula for Easily Sending SMS and Why SMS Broadcaster is a Leader?

In this piece, we will discuss all details about sending SMS without having any list or database and other free resources available in the market to give a meager competition. You can send SMS online without mobile number or even send free SMS without registration to mobile from internet. We have done a great job for you so that you can send SMS without number or showing your identity.

In these posts, we are going to share some websites that allow you to send free SMS to any mobile number in without registration. You don’t have to provide your cell number for using these services. You can take advantage of these websites to advertise your brand and make your business famous among people or community. Although these sites will have some limitations for business advertisement, you can also get assistance from SMS marketing service providers.

These websites let you send international messages at any time. Few of them also allow you to submit any images as well. Moreover, you may send messages in almost 200 foreign countries at any time. You can create a message and choose any language because most of them support all the major international communications and the best thing is that you don’t need any registration.


Apart from all the websites, here we are introducing you a very advantageous source specified for the people who are looking for SMS marketing in local areas. They are offering you Hitech Terminal, which is counted as the most advanced advertising machine these days. This machine can send SMS in real-time to active mobile phones around the place you are standing.


  • GPS Function

  • Auto Switch Operator

  • Plug & Play

  • Built-in Frequency Finder

  • Longest character (318 characters and 1200 characters)

  • Voice Call feature

  • Sender Name / Alpha-numeric Sender


That is one of the best websites of its kinds because they have been providing this service for many years. By using this website, you can send SMS worldwide and directly communicate with your friends and family. They offer 2-way messaging and groups for text messaging.


  • View a complete history of all sent text messages.

  • No registration needed (unless you want all features).

  • Embed a “Text Me” button on your website (for developers).

  • Receive reply text message via on-site inbox.

SMS Genie

That is a 3rd website that you can choose to send free text messages to cell phones (SMS).


  • View all received text messages in an inbox.

  • View all sent text messages in history.

  • Phone number authentication and account registration.

  • Send and receive text messages via your phone.


Another great website to send messages internationally.


  • Easy-to-use interface with no clutter.

  • No restrictions for registration.

  • Optional “From” field of receiving text message replies.


This one is also counted as one of the most simple and convenient websites for sending international messages.


  • No registration is required.

  • Use the Email address field to receive text message replies.


  • Total of 120 characters per message is allowed.

  • Most major mobile services providers around the world.

  • No limit for sending text messages.

If you are searching for SMS services to make an advertisement for your company, then you’ll have to buy some plans while you can also choose SMS Advertising services provider to build your brand well-known among people.

Apart from all available sources for free text messaging without showing the recipient number, the is the only source which you can use to send SMS without any internet connection, credit and database. We have all the technological advanced machines and the most popular one is the Hitech Terminal. This machine automatically sends SMS via frequencies starting from arrange of 500m to 2km without any need of contacts list or database.

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