A Vital Role of Mass Media in Education Worldwide

Mass media play is playing a significant role in today's developed globe, where everything changes at the speed of light. The education, with that being said, is also going to the advance levels more and more day by day. Lecture rooms are now no longer restricted to four walls. And this advancement is mostly the responsibility of mass media. Today, we will be learning how mass media plays a role in education.

What is Mass Media?

Mass media is basically containing the tools – for instance, SMS tools and others, i.e. Radio, Internet, and Mobile that quickly convey the information to the hundreds of thousands of people with a single click - both targeted and generic.

Going a little back in the past, only a few things were dependent upon the ability to transfer data. They were confined to oral and manually written data. It was in books, scrolls, papers, etc. The quality of education also improved as the world became more sophisticated and complicated. This has, thus, contributed to the rapid, efficient, and unlimited delivery of training.

As a result, the old media was found to be too unworthy to fulfill the techniques of the task. Technology, hence, became part of the field of education delivery. In other words, different means of delivering information are now accessible.

Types of Media

  • Print Media

Print media is undoubtedly the oldest type of media. It is made of all kinds of printed material such as books, journals, magazines, newsletters, etc.

  • Electronic Media

Another type of media is electronic media that is making information enjoyable. It was created possible by TV, radio, films and much more.

  • Digital Media

Digital media has overtaken the other forms of media - thanks to the latest and greatest technology. The conversation has gone on two sides with its help. Digital media is a rapid and effective mass media type, and it’s covering all kinds of blogs, websites, forums, social media, and so on.

Mass Media Role in Education

  • Widespread Search

The world is becoming smaller – thanks to mass media, and people are connected with each other like never before. Education, however, must be a universal thing. The mass media have helped a lot to bridge this gap enormously. It would not be wrong to say that it is now within reach of every single person worldwide and makes the world a better place, without a doubt.

  • Easy Access of Stored Information

Mass media enables to store a plethora of data that you can access at any moment from anywhere. This is accessible literally at our fingertips. Thus, it's saving lots of energy and time as well. It, therefore, acts as a helpful resource in the education sector.

  • No More Physical Restraints

Physical limitations were one of the main disadvantages before mass media. But this is not the case anymore. The distance has been reduced with mass media, and interestingly, a world has become smaller. For example, to gain knowledge or learn something, it is not necessary to be their physically.

  • Influence of Organization

The mass media in earlier days didn't organize the mass communication very-well. But mass media is now providing much greater organization and advanced data delivery. The authenticity of the data can also be easily double-checked and verified. It's possible - thanks to the availability of mass media. This reduces and eliminates falsely informed or rumored data.

  • Surprising Results

The enhanced memorization capacity of learners is another enormous benefit of the present technological modernization in mass media. Based on quite a few scientific researches, it is quite effective to transmit lectures via the audio-visual format. It affects the memory ability of the brain far more positively than simply an audio lecture. All in all, everything is just possible because of the mass media. Agreed?

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