A Vital Role of Mass Media in Education Worldwide

Mass media play is playing a significant role in today's developed globe, where everything changes at the speed of light. The education, with that being said, is also going to the advance levels more and more day by day. Lecture rooms are now no longer restricted to four walls. And this advancement is mostly the responsibility of mass media. Today, we will be learning how mass media plays a role in education.

What is Mass Media?

Mass media is basically containing the tools – for instance, SMS tools and others, i.e. Radio, Internet, and Mobile that quickly convey the information to the hundreds of thousands of people with a single click - both targeted and generic.

Going a little back in the past, only a few things were dependent upon the ability to transfer data. They were confined to oral and manually written data. It was in books, scrolls, papers, etc. The quality of education also improved as the world became more sophisticated and complicated. This has, thus, contributed to the rapid, efficient, and unlimited delivery of train