Advantages of Location-Based Mobile Marketing

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Location-based mobile marketing comes into action when it comes to achieving the target audience in the right place. That is not a new practice though - but people have always known how to focus on specific locations which are ideal for their companies and businesses. What's new is that the effectiveness of location-based mobile marketing and the ability of anyone – not only technologically knowledgeable or large businesses. With the increase in mobile devices, companies or businesses are now able to benefit from local marketing - thanks to the easy access to Internet and technology for targeting.

In this article, we have compiled a list of a plethora of location-based mobile marketing advantages to the businesses. So, let's keep going!


Newly started companies or small businesses can grow in many ways with the help of Bulk SMS blast - based on location. Here are some benefits/advantages that can help you take your businesses or companies to the next level with this marketing strategy.

  • It Attracts More Customers

Local marketing, which is also known as location-based marketing, enables you to reach the right person in the right place, at the right time. You can come across so many people at the moment when they need your products or services – very much like real-time marketing. Or, at a time when you are most open to and leading to other offers of your business.

  • It Makes Your Connections Deep

You can use the features that are shared by people in a given location when you target your contents. Catering content booms more with people and enables people to feel more connected with your company or businesses. Moreover, the particular content of your conditions will demonstrate that you know the people as well as their region that builds trust between you and the people.

  • It Boosts Response Rate and Engagement

The benefits of this marketing technique are not only to attract people, but it also boosts engagement and response rate. People will not only enjoy the content or materials provided but are more likely to deal with it. Whether you want to call a postcard number, download a piece of content that is important to your region or use your social media articles, advertising based on location can promote more activity among your target group. More engagement of the people with your company not only means more sales but can also improve online visibility and brand awareness.

  • ROI (Return on Investment)

Location-based marketing enables you to send SMS for business to those who are in the area of your physical business, i.e. your store. This makes it simple to evaluate your campaign's reaction and efficiency and to optimize marketing attempts to improve the ROI.

  • Portable Advertising

People take smartphones everywhere – it’s like an addiction. So, your messages through text marketing go with them everywhere to remind them that they need to stop as they're in your neighborhood. And mobile mapping functions help customers to arrive straight and easily to your store/business or door.

  • Better Results

Sometimes it doesn't mean to do more of a particular activity of marketing; rather it’s to do the same amount of that marketing activity - but to get more out of it. Whether it is more leads, commitment, customers, etc., location-based marketing can maximize marketing operations, which consequences in better results on the investment of your precious time, money as well as efforts, of course.

Are you already doing some form of location-based mobile marketing to take your small business to the next level? We hope this post will open your mind to fresh ideas and opportunities to enhance your location-based marketing.

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