Advantages of Location-Based Mobile Marketing for Business

Nowadays, there are so many ways of marketing that people are using to promote their business. Some businesses are globally recognized while most of the companies are location-based. And for that purpose, people are preferring location based mobile marketing techniques to boost their business in a short time for good returns. Here we are going to share some paybacks that you can get by choosing location-based mobile marketing for your business.

  • It's affordable and geographically targeted

You are getting free or extremely low cost advertising every time you complete a page for you organization on a location-based facility or service. If you compare it with various other traditional marketing channels, you will discover that even the offers, which are considered the more unconventional forms of location-based mobile marketing, are exceptionally cost-effective.

Further, location-based mobile marketing is highly targeted, geographically – and that gives a clear knowing that you’re directly communicating to audience who is located just at the arm’s length of you service or products. Investing in SMS broadcaster machine to start the promotion of your business is the most elegant way to make it possible with a very low budget.

  • It’s great to find out more about the customers

Businesses use location-based promotions not only to attract new customers but also to make them repeat customers because they are an excellent way to get to know customers better. For instance, you can predict what exactly your customers will be thinking simply by taking a look at user reviews. Similarly, you can get insider news about your customers’ preferences by analyzing the take-up rates for those particular offers.

To give an idea – suppose you’re running a bookstore and one author event brings you two hundred check-ins while another brings you only fifteen. What can you find out or learn from it? Simply, a nice indication of how popular the two authors are or being currently discussed among your customer group.

  • Identify and reward the most loyal customers

If you are a business marketer, you would probably acknowledge the fact that it’s tough and costly to try to win a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Using the check-in information for all customers, you can identify the customers who come to you more often or spend more and treat them to exciting offers and discounts, such as every 5th coffee free of cost, the best parking spot or seat, and more.

  • Get new customer acquisition

Converting online traffic as well as foot traffic into your new customers is easy with location-based marketing. You can use these marketing services to convince individuals, who may have never thought about using your product one day or even may have never ever heard of your business, to try your service(s) or the products you sell for the very first time. You can do this by providing “new customers only” deals or specials. Once a customer checks-in for the first time, it’s now up to you to offer them high-quality products and excellent service in order to make them your brand ambassador and recurring clients.

  • Convert desires to sales

Businesses can use location-based marketing to help remove walls and obstacles to sales. If a customer is passing through your store, it opens up a far better opportunity to convince and encourage them to make a purchase from you. For example, it’s a rainy day and an individual is close to your store with a vague thought coming into his or her mind to buy an umbrella. If you are able to send your location-based advertising message to his or her smartphone with umbrellas being sold at a fraction of the cost in your proximate store, it’s highly likely that the desire of that individual to purchase an umbrella will lead to a sale for your valued business.

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