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The Introduction of Amateur Radio Directing Finding

Amateur radio directing finding is a very interesting and unique competition that you should know about. This competition is a competition that combines the skills of searching for radio signals and also reading very high maps. If you are curious about this one competition, this time we will briefly discuss this unique competition.

Brief Introduction

In Amateur radio directing finding competition or also usually called “Fox Hunt”, you have to find a path to the transmitter without being given a track. The only tools that are given to you to find the finish line are a map as well as a radio detector that you carry with you.

So that later each participant will be placed in an area without a track, usually a forest, which is equipped with several radio signal transmitters that they have to find. The fastest participant who can find the transmitter is the best participant who will win the match.

This competition is only held in a few countries. Not all countries hold this competition, in fact there are many countries that may not know about this competition at all. Usually, amateur radio directing finding is carried out in several parts of Europe, China, and also Russia.

This is also supported by the people who use radio receiver signals a lot and also the availability of very qualified tools to be able to organize this one competition. If you visit these countries, you may be able to take your time to watch this unique competition.

Amateur Radio Directing Finding
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How do I Track a Ham Radio?

In this competition, it is very important for you to know how to track HAM Radio. To track a HAM radio, you need special equipment, not just an ordinary radio receiver. You need a highly sensitive radio to pick up radio signals.

First, you have to detect the strongest radio signal you can detect. Do this at several points and mark the strongest point on the map. If there are already 2 or more points, connect the dots until you can detect the location of the transmitter.

If you have found several points that have formed a line, later there will definitely be a meeting point between several lines. This meeting point is usually the location where the transmitter is located.

How Do You Find Directions?

To find directions in this Amateur radio directing finding competition, you can only rely on the map, receiver, and antenna that will detect the signal from the transmitter.

With an antenna and a receiver, you will be able to detect the signal that is your reference to the point you need to find. The stronger the detected signal, the closer you will usually be to the transmitter you need to find.

Is a Device for Finding The Direction to a Radio Source?

As mentioned earlier, you can find a radio signal emitted from a transmitter with an antenna as well as a receiver. The more sensitive the antenna and receiver you have, the better the device will detect the signal.

Within the general public itself, there are already many types of radio signal detectors available and can be purchased by everyone. You can find many sellers of radio signal detectors.

Amateur Radio Directing Finding
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What are The Methods Preferred for Direction Finding?

If you are a participant in the amateur radio directing finding competition, then of course you must have a good strategy and method so that you can detect radio signals quickly and accurately.

Actually there is no specific method that is recommended to be used in this competition. In amateur radio directing finding, all participants usually have their own method.

The most important thing in this competition is to find a method that suits your skills and comfort. The method that can be used by the winner may not be the method that suits you either.

But one thing is for sure, you have to make sure that the receiver and antenna you use are of high quality, this way it will be easier for you to determine the best method for yourself.

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