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The Introduction of Amateur Radio Directing Finding

Amateur radio directing finding is a very interesting and unique competition that you should know about. This competition is a competition that combines the skills of searching for radio signals and also reading very high maps. If you are curious about this one competition, this time we will briefly discuss this unique competition.

Brief Introduction

In Amateur radio directing finding competition or also usually called “Fox Hunt”, you have to find a path to the transmitter without being given a track. The only tools that are given to you to find the finish line are a map as well as a radio detector that you carry with you.

So that later each participant will be placed in an area without a track, usually a forest, which is equipped with several radio signal transmitters that they have to find. The fastest participant who can find the transmitter is the best participant who will win the match.

This competition is only held in a few countries. Not all countries hold this competition, in fact there are many countries that may not know about this competition at all. Usually, amateur radio directing finding is carried out in several parts of Europe, China,