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Astonishing SMS Marketing Hacks – Available Nowhere Else

Our listed below SMS marketing hacks can be used by many companies, including large and small, in different ways. SMS is one of today's most robust and most efficient marketing instruments, by far. The mobile vibrations are sufficient for a text to be opened. You don't have to figure out fantastic email topics or magic pixels of Facebook. SMS has more than 98% open rate, which is, without a doubt, three times higher as compared to email's 27% open rate. SMS marketing is not surprisingly, the best marketing tool to reach your target audiences nowadays. SMS marketing helps to increase your conversion rates and create a relationship between you and customers for the years to come. The ways you can use SMS marketing in include:

Reminders for Appointments

Whether your company depends on meetings or it's a service-oriented, SMS can act like a best partner and SMS broadcaster can be a great weapon. No matter if you are a therapist, lawyer, or doctor, it's an excellent way to boost your conversion rates by providing an SMS reminder. Simple SMS message reminder also reduces your loss and optimizes your time.

Reminders for email appointment do not work as exquisitely as SMS reminders. And there are a number of reasons. First and foremost, since you get hundreds of emails daily, it automatically decreases the open rate. Besides, opening an email requires quite a bit of time, while SMS is entirely the opposite. Moreover, by calling you can reduce the amount of manual work in a significant way if you do this manually. An API can also be used to integrate within your current system and SMS automatically without the interference of human.

Tips on a Weekly Basis

It's a great way to make your company or service top of the list for your customers. Your existence can easily be reminded by a simple SMS tip. Try, therefore, to give some importance and create an everlasting feel. Furthermore, create loyalty and retention of customers with "intelligent advice or tip" for your sector. You can, thus, increase the response rate and the commitment of your customers.

Hot Deals, Sales and Discounts

Being a customer, how awesome is to get a hot deal, sale, or instant discount via SMS on your smartphone? So, by sending discount coupons and other deals, try to attract more individuals into your shop. Don't forget to inform those loyal opt-in customers about flash sales through SMS and boost loyalty to your company. It's an excellent way to build not only an excitement but also exclusivity among your loyal customers. And most important of all, you can setup audiences who will like to subscribe to your alerts and offers.

Track Active Customers

The one most comfortable way to maintain your customer's list up-to-date is to send an SMS for an in-store deal. For instance, you can drop an SMS saying, "15% off $50 sitewide with us by showing this SMS". You will definitely be surprised to see the response rate. That is the best way to figure out the list of active customers who are currently using your SMS marketing campaigns.

This advertising approach enables you to save your administrator time and costs, who would usually update such lists. Whether someone accepts or denies, it's the strength of any SMS campaign. Well, you should consider making a little bit changes for a higher response if your advertising posts or messages have a low turnover. But, if the turnover rate is already higher and satisfied, simply keep doing without making any changes.

So, are you looking to get started with your SMS journey now? You can try our features-enriched SMS broadcasting machine named Hitech Terminal Pro for the best results with SMS. Stay connected with us and make SMS work for you.

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