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5 Best Marketing Automation Software You Should Know

Campaign and marketing are best friends for your business. Nowadays there are marketing automation software that may be effective management of this modern era. Take a look at the best marketing automation software below.

What is A Marketing Automation Software?

best marketing automation software

Before you look at the best marketing things, you should know about marketing automation software first. Marketing automation is a tech that is possible to manage the marketing processes, the multifunctional campaigns within the multiple channels automatically.

This marketing automation software is also shaped in the software that really helps you to reach your target. It allows you to earn more because it's automatic. You can use marketing automation software and connect with your audience via email, web, social, and text.

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation uses software to manage marketing work automatically. This tool is not just for efficiency, but also to support a more personalized experience for the users. Marketing automation also can increase the sales of yours over 14%.

This software is one of the ways for digital marketing tactics. It can work to encourage readers in their email to buy or use the products. It also can give warm leads to the sales team and re-engage with the customers.

Which is why you need the best marketing automation software if you want your marketing to be more effective than it was.

Which Is The Best Automation Platform?

You may still feel a bit strange with automation software. And may still be wondering about “Which marketing automation is best? and What is the most common use of marketing automation?”. Here is special information for you about 5 best marketing automation software.

1. Marketo

Marketo is one of the best marketing automation software that has mature and full features that can help manage email marketing. It also provides excellent features for your business and team.

Marketo is the best choice for those who want to make use of many tools and go beyond basic marketing automation software.

You can get the advanced tools even start with the basics by using Marketo. The base that wn by Marketo is already large and it is great for the users.

2. Campaigner

Same with the name, Campaigner leads the business competitions with well managed email campaigns, automation and also the analytic features. It will work well for either experienced digital marketers or newcomers.

Campaigners can be accessed 24/7 for customer support. It has a wide range of templates and options. Campaigner is also a comprehensive onboarding or online resource.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is already known with its impressive features of covers sales, email stuff, and marketing automation. HubSpot can work for large or small businesses. HubSpot is flexible enough to work with.

HubSpot offers integration solutions that will help you to maintain the business. It also has Stellar marketing automation. HubSpot may be kind of expensive but it is worth it with their service after all.

4. Eloqua

Eloqua can provide an exceptional kind of service level and comes with the matching price tag. Eloqua will spend their time teaching and helping you to get the most out of the products.

Eloqua will suit you best if you are in the enterprise level of business. And also about the budget, it may cost a lot but still, worth having. You should consider Eloqua if you want and need the guidance from the tech vendors.

5. is best known for its flexibility that lets you get anything you want. It is a lightweight, fast, and efficient personal customer support. can work by triggering the emails based on the events.

If you are looking for a lightweight UI of marketing automation, then this is your best choice. And if you require the flexibility and customization, you may need this. There are a few reasons why is one of the best.

As talking about the future direction of your business, you can probably use or create anything customized by using third party software. In fact, every software mentioned above will support your marketing needs. It may have advanced features.

The representation above is hoped to lighten your knowledge about the best marketing automation software. It is up to you to choose what features that will suit right and proper in your business.

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