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The Information About The Best SMS Broadcast Service

Sending SMS broadcasts is used to provide notifications or information, product promotions, and others. There are several choices of the best SMS broadcast service ranging from sending via SMS, applications, and the internet. Users can choose the method that is considered the easiest.

How Do I Send a Broadcast Message Via SMS?

You can send a broadcast via SMS with quite easy steps, here are the some of them:

1. Select All Contact Data

If the option is selected, then all Contact data with active subscriber status will be selected or sent SMS Broadcast.

2. Choose Contact Status

Preferred options for Contact data (Status Options, Religion Options, List Options, Birthday Options).

Best SMS Broadcast Service
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3. Select Category Groups and Classification Labels

Optional for Contact data by Category or Classification. If Select All Contact Data is checked, this function is not active or cannot be selected.

4. Avoid Duplication No. HP

If the option is selected, it will not be sent more than once to one No. mobile phone. If not checked, SMS will be sent to No. The same HP as No. Different Contact ID.

5. Classification Label

Option to mark the label Classification of SMS to be sent. Choose one if you want to retrieve content data from Drafts.

6. Message Content

The number of characters in text messages can be seen below the message column. How to add a word insert is by Right-Clicking on the SMS message content column and checking the desired word, to remove the word insertion of the checklist again.

7. Clicking Send SMS Broadcast Button

After everything is in order and Clicking the Send SMS Broadcast button, all SMS data will enter the SMS Menu queue Processed and the SMS Broadcast information data has been saved.

8. Use Best SMS Broadcast Service

You don't always have to do everything on your own. You can always rely on services that could help you to broadcast SMS in bulk for your target audience.

What Is The Best Way to Send Bulk SMS?

Not only you have to do it yourself, you can also use some of the services that are available. Let's take a look at some of the best SMS broadcast service that let you send broadcasting SMS to your audience:

1. Multi SMS Sender

MSS is one of the best SMS broadcast service in the form of an application that can make your marketing needs more flexible and simple. You can send messages to more than 6,000 contacts.

2. Bulk SMS Plans

Bulk SMS Plans is an application or service provider that you should use if you like the practicality of using your marketing. With one click, you can send messages to more than 5,000 contacts.

3. Bulk SMS Sender (BSS)

Bulk SMS Sender is a service provider in the form of an application that is perfect for use if you like a neat and organized data implementation. This application will give you various contact data via Google Spreadsheet and send SMS in bulk to them, so you can get real data.

What is Broadcast in a Text Message?

Broadcast in a text message contains announcements or information, provides promotional media for products and services, provides information on the company's activity schedule, provides billing information to bank/finance customers, as SMS media, and others.

How I Do Broadcast Messages on The Internet?

Best SMS Broadcast Service
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You can easily broadcast messages on the internet using some of the best SMS broadcast service that are provided.

You can use this service for a really cheap price, even for free. Some of these services even offer you assistance services to send SMS in bulk to overseas, which allows you to cover more people.

In addition to using services, you can also do it yourself with various features that are already provided in special applications for text messaging. For example, on Whatsapp, you can send your own text messages in bulk to your various contacts very easily.

There are so many best SMS broadcast services that you can use to help share your broadcast needs. Use this service so that you no longer have to bother with various needs to send bulk SMS messages, especially for your marketing needs.

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