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Best Theme Wordpress to Make Your Website More Impressing

Updated: Sep 7

One of the things that will be noticed by people who click on your website is the theme and general appearance of your website. The better and more professional your website has, the more credible you will appear in the eyes of the public who see your website. In this discussion, there will be some of the best theme wordpress recommendations that you can use to make your website look more beautiful.

The various themes that will be discussed are the best theme wordpress that you can get at affordable prices, even for free. Indeed, this theme can be a solution for those of you who want to have a professional website but cannot hire a designer because of budget problems.

What Are The Top WordPress Themes 2021?

best theme wordpress

There are lots of best theme wordpress and plugins available for you to help create a better website. The large number may overwhelm you and make you confused which theme you should use on your website. One of the things you can do when choosing a theme is to look at the top themes that are the most chosen and popular in WordPress itself.

The following are recommendations for 3 top themes that are very popular in 2021 and can be used for your website:

  • Astra

  • Divi

  • Ultra

  • Avada

  • OceanWP

The 5 recommendations above were chosen because of their very versatile appearance, making them suitable for various types of websites. Not only that, the appearance is also very clean and neat, so you can customize it yourself with various elements on your website.

What Are The Top WordPress Themes 2020?

If we have already discussed 2021, we can go back one year and see which themes are the top ones in 2020. Using themes that were popular in the past few years can be an option for you because other people may not so many use it, but the appearance of these themes is still beautiful. Here are the top theme recommendations in 2020:

  • TheGem

  • Uncode

  • Houzez

  • Xstore

  • Typer

The various platforms that provide the best theme wordpress above provide a variety of interesting and timeless themes. It looks professional, stylish, and modern, perfect for those of you who want that kind of impression for your website and business.

Which is The Best WordPress Free Theme?

There are many small businesses that have recently emerged and use online based marketing as their main marketing, especially website marketing. To do this, we need an official website for our own business. However, hiring a designer to make your website design better may not be a budgeting priority for now, especially if the business is still on a small scale.

Because of this, you can use various wordpress themes that are available for free. Although most of the available wordpress themes are paid, there are also lots of themes that you can get just by downloading them.

Of course, this can be a solution for businesses that don't have a big budget but want to create a beautiful business website. These various free themes are also not inferior to the paid ones, they can make your business even more interesting.

One of the top free themes that you can download is from OceanWP. They provide various themes with different styles and distinct themes. You just choose which theme and concept you like, then apply it to your website.

What is The Cleanest WordPress theme?

If you prefer a simple, minimalist, and professional look, then you can check Roneous. They provide lots of simple and minimalist themes that make your website look elegant and neat.

The concept of a neat and clean appearance has recently been chosen because of its relaxing and not overcrowded appearance. The appearance of a website that is too crowded can make the website take longer to load, which will also greatly affect the performance of your business.

Final Words

Whether you like a simple or unique, creative, and busy look, there is always a theme that you can choose. Various discussions and also a brief review of the best theme wordpress above can be your reference for choosing the right theme for your website.

Choose a display concept that matches the impression you want to present to the public and also the branding personality of your business.

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