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Customer Satisfaction Indicator Have a Positive Impact For The Company

Customer satisfaction indicator is the level of customer satisfaction after comparing the service or product received in accordance with what is expected. Usually, customers who are satisfied with the value provided by a product or service will become loyal customers for a long time.

How Is Customer Satisfaction Measured?

Consumer goals are quite complex. Factors that affect customer satisfaction derived from the quality of products or services provided by the company. Here are some methods that can be used as a customer satisfaction indicator:

1. Consumer Survey

The thing that is most often done by producers or service providers to measure the level of Customer satisfaction indicator is through surveys. Especially in this digital era, digital platforms can be used to conduct online surveys by consumers.

2. Criticism and Suggestion Box

A good company always provides a place for consumers to pour criticism and suggestions. Through this input of criticism and suggestions, companies can measure the quality of the products/services they have provided.

Customer Satisfaction Indicator
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3. Ghost Shopping Service

Sometimes a company hires an external party to visit pretending to be a buyer of their product. external parties known as ghost shopping. After they buy an item, then save it to review what the product lacks.

4. Customer Analysis

Companies that want to know problems with products can contact old customers. This condition can be applied if your company suddenly finds customers who then switch to other products or services. You can contact the customer to find out what they think.

What Are The 3 C's Of Customer Satisfaction?

Consistency, consistency, and consistency are the 3C's of customer satisfaction indicator. When the manufacturer can produce products and services in accordance with what is desired and needed by consumers, consumers will feel satisfied.

Every consumer has different levels of satisfaction. Consumers can experience one of three general levels of satisfaction, for example if the performance of a business is below expectations, customers will feel disappointed.

Meanwhile if the performance is in accordance with expectations, consumers will feel satisfied and if the performance can exceed expectations, consumers will feel very happy and satisfied.

Is Customer Satisfaction A Key Performance Indicator?

Consumer satisfaction is one thing that has a role in business. Consumer satisfaction is a major milestone in the success of a company. Therefore, in an effort to fulfill customer satisfaction, companies must be observant in knowing consumer needs all the time.

Consumer satisfaction is the assessment of each consumer by comparing existing conditions with expected conditions. If the product or service is provided by the company in accordance with customer expectations, the customer will be satisfied.

On the other hand, if the product or service provided by the company does not meet customer expectations, the customer will feel disappointed.

What Are Customer Satisfaction Metrics?

The measurement of customer satisfaction indicator has six core concepts as follows:

1. Overall Customer Satisfaction

In this concept, the way to measure customer satisfaction is to directly ask customers how satisfied they are with the product or service from a company.

The assessment includes measuring the level of customer satisfaction for the product or service of the company concerned and comparing it with the level of customer satisfaction with competing companies.

Customer Satisfaction Indicator
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2. Dimensions of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is measured by four steps. First, recognize the critical elements of consumer loyalty. Second, ask customers to evaluate the company's products or services.

Third, ask customers to assess competitors' products or services based on the same items. And fourth, asking customers to determine the dimensions that are important in assessing customer satisfaction.

3. Confirm Expectations

Satisfaction is measured based on the suitability between expectations of customers with the performance of the company's products or services.

4. Intention to Repurchase

In this concept, the way is to ask customers directly whether to buy the product or use the company's services again.

5. Willingness to Recommend

Willingness of customers to recommend products or services to friends or his family becomes an important measure to be analyzed.

6. Customer Dissatisfaction

Customer dissatisfaction includes complaints, returns or refunds products, warranty costs, product recalls, negative opinions, and defects.

If a company fulfills the customer satisfaction indicator, it will have a positive impact for the company, among others, the relationship between the company and customers will become better and thus inviting more sales for the company.

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