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Several Best Digital Marketing Framework That Can Help You Create The Best Business Plan

Good business planning will greatly determine the future of a business. Not only conventional business, digital business also requires proper and detailed business planning. To help you, you can imitate the digital marketing framework that is available in various sources.

Because now access to information is getting easier, you can effortlessly get various examples of digital marketing framework that can help you set up your digital business well. Check out the discussion of these various frameworks here.

What Is A Framework Marketing?

digital marketing framework

When you are planning something, it will be easier for you if you have an outline or template to follow. An outline will help you determine what aspects you should plan for.

For example, when you are planning a vacation, the framework that is usually used is a schedule of what activities you will do, what things you should take, what places you should visit, and so on.

This also applies to marketing. To plan a marketing technique that can help the development of the company, a clear marketing framework plan is needed.

With this digital marketing framework, you will focus on planning what marketing strategy you will choose, what goals will be achieved within a certain time, the estimated length of benchmark achievement in the marketing process, and many others.

When you use a framework in your digital marketing planning, the implementation will be much more focused and in line with your goals. One of the most common small business mistakes made is the lack of proper business planning, especially in terms of marketing.

Most businesses fail because their marketing implementation only follows trends or their own desires without a clear analysis of what strategy and also their own target customers.

What Are The Six Steps in Digital Marketing Framework?

To help you understand the digital marketing framework more easily, you can divide it into steps in the form of actions that you must take in your marketing process. In general, people divide this framework into various steps with different amounts and types, according to their respective marketing needs.

However, there are 6 steps in the digital marketing framework that are most often used as a general and popular tool because they are easier for people to remember and can also be applied to all different business characteristics. Here are those six steps:

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Execution

  • Analysis

  • Reporting

  • Measuring

You have to plan and implement these six steps in sequence. These 6 steps are the framework that is most often used when people do digital marketing.

With these 6 steps of digital marketing strategy, you can develop it again with more personalized steps for your business so that your marketing implementation becomes more effective and achieves its goals.

What Are The 4 Types of Digital Marketing?

Talking about digital marketing, people usually only associate it with social media marketing. Even though digital marketing itself can be divided into many other branches besides social media marketing. Social media marketing is just one of the many branches of digital marketing that are popular in the community.

Although there are many branches that are differentiated according to the type and platform they use, digital marketing is more generally divided into 4 broad categories that cover it all.

The four types of marketing include content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and the last is search engine marketing. These 4 categories are the types of digital marketing that are most often used by the public and are expected to continue to experience an increase in popularity in the future in the digital era like today.

The various digital marketing framework that have been discussed previously can be applied to various types of digital marketing. Whether it's content marketing, SEO marketing, search engine marketing, or social media marketing, of course you need to apply with the previous steps method.

If you are building a digital business, hopefully this information about the digital marketing framework and digital marketing in general can help you. Determine the framework according to the goals and characteristics of your own business.

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