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The Usage of Digital Technology in Education

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

In this era of technological development, digital tools have begun to be used in various aspects of human life, from minor to major scale. All social activities involve digital technology to run. Digital technology in education is no exception.

Over time, the use of digital technology in education continues to grow rapidly. Digital technology tools have even become a major element in the world of education today. Read on for further discussion on this matter here.

What is an Example of Digital Technology in Education?

digital technology in education

There are lots of examples of digital technology in education that you can see for real. If you are still in school, college, or are an academic teacher, then you must be very familiar with the use of high-tech tools that use digital capabilities to make teaching a lot easier.

One of the main examples that we can see is during the covid-19 epidemic yesterday. We can see for ourselves how because of the inability to meet face to face and carry out teaching and learning activities, all learning is carried out with the help of digital platforms.

In addition, nowadays, e-books or paperless technology have been widely used, which allow a person to have unlimited access to information. So now, students or academics can search for various information very easily through digital technology, not only through books.

How Does Digital Technology Affect Education?

Digital technology has completely transformed the world of education. Previously, this educational activity was filled with various obstacles that made only a few groups of people able to access education easily.

But thanks to the use of digital technology in education, now we can easily access various sources of informal and formal education.

In addition, thanks to the help of digital technology, people can not only get easy access to education, but they can also educate easily as well. In the past, we could only learn from a few groups of people who were considered teachers. But now, we can learn from random people on the internet.

In essence, the use of technological tools and digital platforms in education has made the world of education much more accessible, thus transforming the future of innovation and technological world more rapidly due to the massive emergence of educated groups.

Is Digital Technology Good for Education?

Some people might argue that the use of digital technology in education makes it much easier for people to cheat. For example, nowadays there are many technologies that people can use to cheat the test.

But still, even though it has its downside, digital technology still presents more benefits and conveniences that cannot be underestimated. Cheating is only a minor harm when compared to the goods and impacts brought about by the ease of access to information from the use of digital platforms in the world of education.

So, it is safe to say that digital technology is good for the education world in general.

How Does Digital Technology Enhance Teaching/ Learning Process?

The main benefit that teachers or professors can immediately feel thanks to the use of digital technology is practicality. Nowadays, everyone can teach from anywhere and anytime that person can.

You can record your own teaching videos so that your students can play them whenever they want. Not only practicality problems, teaching staff are also very helpful with various technologies that can facilitate teaching activities.

Currently, there are many platforms, digital tools, or software that can help teachers or professors prepare the material they will provide. Thanks to the use of digital technology, they can provide more comprehensive and up-to-date materials with the help of information that can be easily accessed via the internet.

Teaching methods have also become much more flexible and interesting because teachers or professors involve various tools or digital platforms that are attractive, entertaining, but still educational to their children.

This ultimately leads to an increase in engagement in the classroom and high student feedback, which makes teaching and learning activities more effective.

The use of digital technology in education has completely transformed this world in a much better direction. Thanks to high-tech tools and advances in technological information systems, education is now much more accessible to everyone in the world. Also find other information about technology in our website.

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