Dynamic Messaging Usage in 2020

Compelling messaging is basically a different and unique method of SMS marketing that involves business rules, information preference, and usage of keywords to create automated customized messages for the audience.

Dynamic SMS messaging offers a competitive advantage in nowadays’ competitive marketing environment and can help to maintain your brand at the forefront by delivering customers customized, relevant and timely content. Data are showing that customizing campaigns by targeting doubles the rates and three times the conversion rate compared to traditional broadcast campaigns cannot really exaggerate the significance of it.

How does it work?

A dynamic message works primarily the same as a message containing personalized fields. When inserting a customized field like a first name, you often pull data from a marketing platform, i.e. Hitech Terminal Pro or tablet and put this into the message automatically. Likewise, internal data is drawn by a powerful message. The distinction is that this data is usually taken via an API and updated on a daily basis, making content extremely important and personalized.

One can send dynamic messages in the form of push notifications, through an SMS via a dedicated number and emails. Why SMS is the most favorite channel apart from email and push notifications?