Dynamic Messaging Usage in 2020

Compelling messaging is basically a different and unique method of SMS marketing that involves business rules, information preference, and usage of keywords to create automated customized messages for the audience.

Dynamic SMS messaging offers a competitive advantage in nowadays’ competitive marketing environment and can help to maintain your brand at the forefront by delivering customers customized, relevant and timely content. Data are showing that customizing campaigns by targeting doubles the rates and three times the conversion rate compared to traditional broadcast campaigns cannot really exaggerate the significance of it.

How does it work?

A dynamic message works primarily the same as a message containing personalized fields. When inserting a customized field like a first name, you often pull data from a marketing platform, i.e. Hitech Terminal Pro or tablet and put this into the message automatically. Likewise, internal data is drawn by a powerful message. The distinction is that this data is usually taken via an API and updated on a daily basis, making content extremely important and personalized.

One can send dynamic messages in the form of push notifications, through an SMS via a dedicated number and emails. Why SMS is the most favorite channel apart from email and push notifications?

Although new technologies are introduced, SMS continues to be the most direct, effective and timely channel of communications to capture the audience with ease. More than 98% of messages are opened thanks to mobile phones that are becoming more ubiquitous as compared to cars. And according to studies, around 95% of messages are opened within 90 seconds.

Dynamic Messaging Usage

  • Retargeting Audience

Dynamic SMS enables companies to re-target their audience or visitors they are interested in, with an inclusive range of hot deals and special offers. That can help visitors to take another step in the buying process. With 2-way SMS, customers are even able to answer any questions they may have, which will further increase their commitment.

  • Customized Messages

The origin upon which you can shape your customer involvement is effective message, without a doubt. The dynamic SMS messages enable you, in accordance with your customer's preferences and past behavior, to send them personalized content with different links and images. That could be used to promote particular products and services which a customer is likely to want.

Be mindful that personalization is the key in today's competitive marketing space, and the ability to provide your audience with a customized experience based on their behavior and preferences is the heart of every dealer. The dynamic message gives marketers this ability to automate a personalized experience by a single message campaign for every user.

Not only this but dynamic messaging also offers a successful monitoring system to marketers. That enables companies to salvage prospective customers that are unlikely to buy a product for the first time. The monitoring process can only be as simple as regularly contacting or providing helpful information to your target customers. With this doing, you can build a strong relationship with your customers that ultimately leads to sales.

  • Cross Sales

Last but by means, not the least, dynamic SMS marketing is an ideal way to sell or invite customers to purchase related or complementary products that have just made a purchase. Not only does this improve customer engagement, but it also drives more sales.

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