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Learning About E Commerce Email Marketing to Gain More Sales

Email marketing is one type of digital marketing that is currently very popular and has been proven to bring in a lot of sales for the business that runs it. Therefore, a lot of e commerce also do e commerce email marketing to increase their sales.

For those of you e commerce customers like Amazon, Shopee, eBay, Shopify and other e commerce, you must have received marketing emails containing promotional messages. Let's take a look more into this type of marketing.

The Success of E Commerce Email Marketing

E commerce-based business is one of the largest types of business and contributes many advantages in the business world in this era.

Since a few years ago, there has been an online buying phenomenon, where people prefer to shop online through applications or the web rather than going to supermarkets or stores in general.

The increase in this phenomenon continues to skyrocket, even more so in the Covid-19 pandemic disaster that has hit the world for the past 2 years. Because there are many restrictions for people to go out of their homes, the world's people are flocking to buy all their necessities of life through e commerce.

But not only making profits because of urgent conditions, before the first pandemic case was discovered and people started using e commerce significantly, there have been a lot of people who bought necessities through e commerce long ago.

One of the causes of this success is their very champion marketing strategy. And one of these startups is email marketing.

E commerce email marketing has become one of the types of email marketing that is being imitated by many businesses in this digital era. The statistics themselves show that email marketing is one of the types of marketing with a high conversion rate.

Email marketing carried out by e commerce is actually similar to other email marketing, but with certain formulas and the right analysis, these email marketing are more engaging and persuading people.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing in Your Business

e commerce email marketing

If the previous discussion hasn't convinced you enough to use email marketing, then let's discuss email marketing in more depth. Email marketing, as the name implies, is marketing that uses email as its main platform or base. This email is used as a means for businesses to convey the message they want to convey directly to their email customers.

Using email as a communication medium has many benefits, when compared to using other bases. Following are some of its advantages:

1. Feels More Personal

Compared to other types of digital marketing which directly broadcast advertisements or promotional messages that they generally want to the public, e commerce email marketing surely feels more personal for the receiver.

People who receive email marketing messages will certainly feel more negated because the message goes directly into their own inbox and is read specifically by themselves. Some email messages even have their own name on it, thus making the receiver feel more connected with the business.

2. Seems More Professional

In addition to being more personal, email messages that reach the recipient directly also bring a more professional impression when compared to other types of digital marketing which usually carry a more casual theme. These email messages are usually written in a more formal manner, making the recipient feel more special.

3. Target The Right Customer Base

You have to realize that usually the recipients of this e commerce email marketing are not random people whose email data happens to be owned by the company. Usually, the recipients of this email that will be the target of this email marketing are people who have been in touch with the business itself.

Either they have bought any products or use any services by them, have shown interest in them, or have other similar connections that makes them set as the right consumer base to receive the email.

This is what makes email marketing have a fairly high conversion rate, anda making it one of the best marketing strategy for ecommerce.

If you are interested in using the same strategy as e commerce email marketing, then you can look for many explanations and real examples from various sources.

On the internet itself, there are many blogs that will give you e-commerce email examples, and also online marketing courses that you can follow to increase your knowledge about this type of marketing strategy.

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