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Four Must-Take Steps Before Launching SMS Marketing Campaign

Communication these days is considered by far as an essential key factor required for the success of any startup or mature business. From conventional media to smartphone era, way of communiqué has been changed a lot as per our expectations. For publicizing purposes, companies are now considering direct marketing as a valuable and useful tool. The newest addition in this regard is SMS, and it is in a count of convenient feature in smartphone.

The below-mentioned points will guide you on how you can get the most out of your SMS campaign.

1. Prime Time

Sending information via text to your target audience about insurance product early in the morning is never going to help you in any way. So, before launching your campaign it is better to decide which time is a prime time for your drive. Right kind of information at the wrong time can be a disaster for your product. Always choose appropriate time with a suitable gap between your multiple campaigns can set positive impression about business.

2. Message Belongs to Recipient

As we know that in all cell phones, the SMS feature is always available, and everyone can quickly check, read, and send the messages. So, why not add recipient name in your promotional communications to make them feel an asset for your business. That is the reason why personalization is always in demand in all industries and using it in your marketing campaigns via SMS can be a hit without any doubt.

3. Add Value to Get Value

The character limit of a simple SMS starts from 160 characters, but it can be more in modern smartphones. It depends on the sender or a host how they use that limit proficiently by adding value in it. These days by keeping smartphones in mind, you can add URLs, numbers, any unique offer or personalized information which urges in changing customer’s behavior to read and act on info they receive in their devices. So, that’s why it is always essential to make your note valuable if you want to get value from your campaign.

4. Location-based Mobile Marketing

The marketing campaign by keeping the target audience and specific region in mind can create more value and benefits to your business. You can add links in your SMS which redirect customers to the business location, store location, and the location where you want the community members not to go in case of any emergency like wind storms, heavy rain, flooding, fire, traffic jams, and procession. On the opening ceremony of your store, you can also target the customers of that region. Messages look more reliable if there’s any direction, address or location in it and a reason to get involved the vast audience in short span of time.

All the above-mentioned steps can be more beneficial for your marketing campaign if you are using the most advanced SMS Advertising Machine. The best place or store to get the advertising machine is because we are the best and have the best in our business. Our advanced technological device known as Hitech Terminal can deliver SMS to all active mobile phones within a range of 500m to 2km with the help of frequencies without getting the contact list or any database. The Hitech device is highly recommended for those businesses who are looking for branding options and for the purpose of socialization.

Having the device at your office, home, and even in a car, you do not need any internet, credit, contacts database, and operators. The Hitech device has the most advanced software installed in it with amazing features like Plug and Play, characters range between 318 to 1200, Built-In frequency finder, and GPS feature. We’d highly recommend you to use Hitech terminal, check and compare the features with any available devices because it is always better to have the best machine for your business rather than having not a pleasant experience after getting an inexpensive device.

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