Give Your Sales a Boost with SMS

Text advertisements and marketing promotions are an excellent way to announce sales to brick and mortar shops and to drive traffic. But can online retailers use SMS solutions to get more traffic on their site? With the continued development of mobile technology, individuals rely increasingly on their mobile phones. A study reports that in the past couple of months, 60-65% of smartphone consumers made an internet purchase. This amount will likely continue to grow so that e-commerce companies can begin effectively selling online on all accessible channels.

The average user of the cell phone checks their phone around 140-155 times a day. That means you may miss 140-155 opportunities every day if you do not get an advantage of SMS for your e-commerce website. You must align text messages with your other marketing channels if you want to communicate with the customers at an individual level and importantly, it decreases expenses and boost return on investment (ROI). We are going to show you how!

Use of Bulk Messaging Software/Tool

The 160 characters don’t sound suitable for any SMS campaign, but it’s not the case when it comes to Hitech Terminal Pro which isn’t only a powerful SMS sender device but also lets you lead messages with up to 1200 characters easily. Text messaging can be used in mentioned below five ways to give a boost to your sales.

  • Add Value

Send information concerning discount codes, hot deals, exclusive pricing and limited sales is to be used by a direct text message. Don't forget to personalize text messages and boost your reaction rates using custom fields.

  • Friendly Follow-up Message

When a customer leaves the last screen, it obviously means he/she wanted to buy something, but to some degree, awful happened all of a sudden. They can be encouraged to purchase with a helpful follow-up SMS. Well-Known e-commerce revealed that more than 65% of shopping carts online were abandoned. However, many prospects, on the bright side, claim that if the shop/store had sent out a distinctive follow-up, they would finish a purchase. To cut it short, don't leave money on the table!

  • Update Customers About Fresh Stock

The majority of distributors or retailers send new inventory notifications. A more critical text message alert would be an efficient option. That can also be done if an out-of-stock product is back in the shop to promote flash sales.

  • Send Payment Reminders

The internet is loaded with hundreds of thousands of tools to send essential or useful SMS alerts to the customers. With the help of any SMS software, you can inform your customers to complete the payment process. Moreover, you can too notify them when their ordered item is ready for pick-up or delivery.

  • Inform About Order Confirmation

A straightforward delivery notice, shipment or order confirmation in retail SMS marketing definitely decrease customer service calls and ultimately enhance customer relations.

Astonishing Benefits

The first and foremost benefit of SMS marketing for e-commerce is that it captures and engages new customers. However, it can only be possible if you use specific words, i.e. exceptional discounts, hot deals, exclusive offers and more. Besides, the customer’s appreciation is another benefit if you send him/her a text with delivery information.

SMS marketing reduces many working hours, undoubtedly, and the cost of customer services. Send text messages and keeping your customers up-to-date don’t set you back as much as printed adverts. The rate of cart leaving is the biggest problem of any e-commerce owner, but it can be reduced to Zero by sending a follow-up friendly message. Aside from everything, SMS can be used to communicate personally. The mobile customer service helps to decrease workload and stress-level, which ultimately improve the team's productivity and enable you to pay attention to sales.

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