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Gym Owners: 4 Creative Ideas You Can Implement To Grow Gym Membership

If you are a gym owner who is searching for ways you can grow your gym membership, then read on! Following are some tried and tested gym marketing ideas that you can implement right now to get more customers to join.

Launch a Referral Program to Increase Memberships

Referral programs are highly valuable and one of the most powerful programs to find new customers overnight. Fitness and gym centers can motivate their existing customers to recommend their friends and family to your club. Creating a good atmosphere at your gym and giving your members an impeccable experience is the key, however. Start a referral program by selecting a reward your members will get in exchange for spreading the word to their circle – even you can reward the new members as well. When launching your referral program, it’s also vital that what promotional channel you choose to let the target audience know about your program. You can try spreading out a mass notification or text message – containing the relevant info and the referral code – to all your gym members.

Offer Membership Renewal Discounts to Existing Customers

You got to make it easy for the existing members to renew their memberships. One great way is to subsidize the membership by running membership renewal promotions and discounts that will encourage the members to renew their expired (or soon expiring) membership.

When running a membership renewal promotion to increase sales, you need to think about some of the factors that are stopping the members to renew, because when you are aware of those barriers, you can help your members to overcome them through your discounts. The effective way is to blast SMS to all your members before their membership is about to expire. Experts say that you should inform them about your gym renewal promotions at least 30 days in advance to the time their membership ends. Don’t hesitate to send them SMS ads as follow-up messages if some members did not renew after one month or so.

Run New Year Campaigns to Attract New Customers

New Year is one of the busiest seasons for gyms and fitness centers. It’s the time when many people are setting fitness goals as their New Year resolutions and you can run a campaign to attract maximum participation. For a well-organized New Year campaign, consider what fitness goals your potential customers have in their mind to get better shapes. It will help you associate your equipment, classes, and other services to their fitness goals.

Use SMS Marketing to Expand Your Business

Today’s generation is more health and weight conscious and is always looking for means they can use to achieve their wellness goals. All you need is to capitalize on this opportunity by advertising your gym or fitness club right. Do you think that marketing your business involves huge costs? This myth no longer persists – thanks to the extremely cheap means of SMS marketing. It has changed the way marketers used to reach their prospects while giving them more reach. It has more open and conversion rates compared to email marketing and some other ways of digital marketing. Further, it’s extremely fast and reliable delivery that sets this marketing apart and you can even send bulk SMS text messages at a small fraction of the price. So, you can definitely employ SMS marketing services to grow your business. Following are the gym SMS marketing tips you can leverage to stimulate the membership growth:

  • Launch an SMS campaign informing people about the free trial membership offer or discounts you provide when someone becomes a member.

  • Incorporate location based mobile marketing to send mobile discounts and coupons to increase traffic in the vicinity of your gym.

  • Use an SMS broadcast machine to send your members helpful fitness messages from time to time

  • Inform your members about the new workout sessions and fitness classes

  • Conduct surveys and polls to improve your gym experience.

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