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Has the Power of Mobile Transformed the Marketing Game?

The Evolution of Marketing

Marketing is one of the few things that has been around for ages, with history showing its existence right after the start of civilization. During this long time, marketing has gone through transformation and evolution, without a shadow of a doubt. To give you an idea about how much the marketing has changed in the past few centuries, you will need to look into the seven major transitional phases of marketing through which it has evolved – the simple trade era (pre-industrial revolution), mass production era, the sales era, the marketing department era, the marketing company era, the relationship marketing era, and the social/mobile marketing era.

There was a time in the beginning when ruled the basic commodities and people used to trade things that they already had. If we refer to the industrial revolution, the ability and capacity to produce products were enhanced to quite a large scale, allowing people to trade things like never before. This is when the mass production era actually ran its course.

During the mass production era, where the products were being produced in mass, the business suddenly came into the realization that if we kept on producing goods without getting rid of them, we will end up having a huge surplus of things. The need to sell products when the market is saturated and intensified gave birth to the sales era which also brings us to the other eras of marketing discussed above, developing marketing into an interesting thing as it exists in today’s time.

The Mobile Influence

Businesses living in the year 2019 (should) know that building a product with the intention and hope that someone will buy isn’t that effective nowadays. In fact, there is more to simply sell a product you have developed. Today’s market is full of competition and if someone wants to sell a product, they would first need to market it and create a buzz around that product that meets a certain demand(s) of the everyday or business people.

It’s now commonly thought that there is a need to market something before you can sell it. The years of research work done in the field of social sciences reveals that the existence of the marketing world is related and defined by our social worlds, creating healthy relationships and loyalty among the customers.

If you want your business to stand above all the competitors, it is imperative to give your consumers a solid reason to stick to you, regardless of all the pick and choose options available on the customers’ end. With us living in the seventh era of marketing – mobile marketing era, the art and science of the marketing, the way forward, is now about paying special attention to real-time connections, which can be well carried out by personalized strategies like location based mobile marketing. What they, the marketers, however, must know is that earning permission is key to have a meaningful dialogue with those consumers and clients while collaborating profitably.

Last, but not least…

What’s interesting about mobile marketing is: it empowers businesses to introduce themselves in the lives of people at any given day and time of the year.

To so many people living around us, mobile is everything and they are connected to it 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. With that said, mobile brings the marketing element into your pocket. Since mobile marketing occurs in almost real-time, the markets can get in touch with their customers anywhere, anyplace, anytime. The many different ways businesses are making use of mobile technology to engage with customers include bulk SMS, push notifications, in-app sales, display advertising, and sales campaigns, to name a few.

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