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The Most Recommended Hitech Bulk SMS Machine

SMS marketing is one of the most used and popular marketing techniques nowadays. If you want to send bulk promotional SMS to the public, you can use the Hitech Bulk SMS machine which will be discussed later.

How Does the Hitech Bulk SMS Machine Work?

Hitech bulk SMS machine is a type of SMS broadcaster machine. For those of you who are still not familiar with the SMS broadcaster, this machine is a machine that is used to send messages broadcast or in bulk to the surrounding telephones.

This tool actually works by intercepting the connection network between the connection transmitter tower and the cell phone.

Through this intercept process, SMS broadcaster machines such as the Hitech bulk SMS machine can detect telephone numbers from telephones in the vicinity or connected to the transmitter network originating from the same source.

After knowing their phone number, this machine can also automatically send the message the owner of the machine wants to those numbers. So this tool can be a very appropriate solutions for those of you who want to send SMS in bulk, especially for SMS marketing purposes.

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Other Ways to Send Bulk SMS

Apart from using an SMS broadcaster or an SMS blaster machine, there are actually other ways that you can choose if you want to send SMS in bulk to promote your business. One of the other ways that people usually choose is to use SMS service providers.

If you use this service, then instead of buying your own machine, you use the services of agencies that offer bulk SMS services. This service provider can even promise its customers to be able to send bulk SMS to wherever they want, even to another country.

Basically, this service provider works like a handling system that passes the message you want to convey to the target you set yourself. Now there are already many service providers available that you can choose according to your SMS marketing needs.

Do Bulk SMS Service Providers Charge per Msg?

Yes, most service providers will charge their customers according to how many messages are sent. Not only that, expensive or not the price also depends on the specifications of the message conveyed. Examples include the number of characters, who are the targets, and how long does it take to deliver.

Bulk SMS Machine vs Service Provider

Actually there is no one right answer to be able to determine whether using an SMS service provider or buying your own machine is the best way and must be chosen. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and you can choose according to your own needs.

If you want to send messages to people who are close to you or your business, and also you want to implement SMS marketing as one of your main marketing, then it would be highly recommended for you to buy a machine broadcaster instead of using a machine.

On the other hand, if the target audience for your promotional SMS is people who are far from you and your business, or you don't often use SMS marketing techniques, then you can hire the services of this bulk SMS provider. Usually this service provider is also referred to as github or gateway.

Hitech Bulk SMS
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Hitech Terminal 318

Hitech terminal 318 is one of the most recommended types of Hitech bulk SMS machine for you. This machine can send 200,000 messages per hour to telephone numbers within a radius of 300m meters to 2 km from this device. In this way, this tool can be your mainstay to perform SMS marketing without having to bother.

In addition, this tool also has a built-in WiFi which will be very useful so you don't need an external connection provider anymore. Hitech terminal 318 is a very portable SMS blaster, making it easy to carry anywhere.

If you are curious about this tool, then you can find more detailed information about the specifications and advantages of this tool on our website as well. We can send this tool to customers from all over the world, including Indonesia.

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