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Hitech Terminal Enterprise, One of the Most Recommended SMS Broadcaster

Hitech Terminal Enterprise is the most advanced machine recently that can send SMS in real time to many numbers of mobile phones around it. This tool can automatically transmit SMS to the surroundings of up to 500m and even up to 2km to all kinds of operators.

The Features of Hitech Terminal Triple Enterprise

You can use sms broadcast tool called Hitech Terminal Enterprise. With this tool, SMS broadcasts will be sent to several mobile phone numbers that meet certain criteria in collaboration with telecommunications providers.

SMS has a higher personal nature, so that each recipient will feel that the SMS is intended specifically for them. When we compare it with other promotional media, SMS has the largest number of users, because the message to be conveyed will be more in line with the target consumer. In addition, SMS also has a lower cost level than having to make brochures.

Technological developments always have innovations in developing SMS broadcasts, so that business people who want to use SMS broadcast services do not need to worry about sending useless SMS because this service will minimize wasted sending.

Hitech Terminal Triple Enterprise has many features that can make it easier for you to send SMS broadcasts to your customers. Here are some of the key features that you should know:

  • Can send to three operators simultaneously