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Hitech Terminal Enterprise 4G 6 Bands, The Smallest 4G Broadcaster

SMS broadcaster is a machine that can work very significantly to promote your business. However, sometimes most of these SMS broadcasters come with a size large enough to make it difficult to carry everywhere. Don't worry, now there is Hitech enterprise terminal 4G 6 bands.

Hitech terminal machines are already well-known in the world of SMS marketing because of their extraordinary capabilities. However, the 6 bands this time have many advantages, one of which is that they are very small in size so they are easy to carry everywhere. Check out the following explanation to find out more.

Introduction of Hitech Terminal Enterprise 4G 6 Bands

Hitech Terminal Enterprise 4G 6 Bands is one of the new Hitech Terminal series that just launched on the market. This machine is equipped with various advanced and interesting technologies that can be one aspect of your consideration.

As mentioned earlier, this machine comes with a very small size, even to the point of being named the smallest 4G SMS blaster in the world.

Hitech Terminal Enterprise 4G 6 Bands
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The large size is one of the main problems that are often faced by broadcaster machine operators in the field. Broadcaster machines work based on location, so this tool is often moved around according to the needs of the companies or businesses that use it.

If the size of the machine is too large, it will be difficult to move this machine, not to mention if it is heavy. A fairly heavy load and also a large size can be one of the obstacles that causes the marketing process to not run well.

This is very unfortunate, even though the marketing process is one of the most important processes that really guarantees the success of a business or company. Therefore, this process must be carried out as effectively and smoothly as possible.

By using Hitech Terminal Enterprise 4G 6 Bands, you can achieve a more effective and smooth marketing process.

Other Features

Its small size is not the only advantage of this machine, there are still many interesting features that you should know. The following are some of these specifications and features:

  • Can send up to 20,000 SMS / hour with 600 characters of content.

  • Can cover an area of ​​300m to 3km around the machine.

  • Has built in Wifi

  • 100% free of additional charges (internet services or credit)

  • Can do multiple tasks at once (send 10 tasks at the same time)

  • Has cart support and is very portable, which makes the broadcast process easier.

  • Equipped with 3 in 1 function (as an SMS broadcaster, IMSI catcher, and also IMEI catcher)

  • Customizable sender name, so you can enter your company or business name as a sender.]

  • Many more

With these various features, who would have thought if Hitech terminal enterprise 4G 6 bands were priced at only $21,000 dollars? A very cheap price when compared to the various exclusive advantages.

Why Choosing Hitech Terminal SMS Blaster

The name of the Hitech Terminal machine may be familiar to those of you who are familiar with the world of business digital marketing, especially using the SMS broadcasting method.

Hitech terminals are the most sophisticated and newest broadcaster machines on the market, so they can answer all your SMS marketing problems today.

With this mechanism, you can send hundreds or even thousands of SMS in real time to various recipients around you without the need to pay additional fees such as internet or credit services.

Hitech Terminal Enterprise 4G 6 Bands
Pict from Pinterest

This is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs choose to switch to using SMS marketing as their main marketing tool. SMS marketing, especially those carried out with Hitech Terminal machines, has provided extraordinary evidence of its effectiveness in achieving company and business marketing goals.

Various bulk SMS machine from Hitech Terminal are equipped with various features that you will not be able to get in other types or series of machines.

Hitech Terminal is equipped with the longest message character feature, built-in GPS, frequency finder, black list feature, customizable sender name, and many other exclusive features.

What are you waiting for, get your Hitech terminal enterprise 4G 6 bands right away! To find out more information and purchase this machine or various other SMS blaster machine, please visit

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