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Recommended Interceptor Device: Hitech Terminal Enterprise One

Updated: May 26

SMS marketing is one of the most widely used digital marketing methods today. The drastically increasing use of cell phones is one of the main reasons why businesses use SMS marketing as a way to market their business. To do SMS marketing, you need an interceptor device such as Hitech Terminal Enterprise One.

This interceptor device will help you spread the promotional message that you want to spread easily to the wider community. By using a high-tech interceptor tool, you can spread your promotional message very quickly, so that your marketing reaches the target.

How Interceptor Device Works?

Some of you may not be familiar with interceptor devices. This interceptor device is one of the most sought after engines when a business wants to do SMS marketing.

This interceptor device actually consists of various kinds and different types according to their respective functions. In addition to interceptor devices that function to spread SMS such as SMS broadcaster Hitech Terminal Enterprise One, there are also other interceptor devices such as IMEI catcher or IMSI catcher.

These various tools have their respective functions according to their names. However, often these features are provided in only one machine which is sold in packages.

The way all interceptor devices work is actually the same. By intercepting the signal emitted from the signal transmitter, these various interceptor devices can insert or extract information from the connection between the cellphone and the transmitter tower.

Are Interceptor Devices Legal?

Although it can extract information without the consent of the cell phone owner, this tool is included as a legal tool and can be traded for the general public.

Even so, this SMS bulk machine was actually a tool that was used specifically only for authorized purposes. Until now, interceptor devices are also often used to assist police or investigators to uncover and arrest criminal acts.

Now, the use of these interceptor devices is more often intended for advertising business purposes. Various businesses from almost all countries use this tool to disseminate the information they want to their respective customer bases.

SMS Broadcaster Machine

SMS broadcaster is the most popular type of technology interceptor devices x, the most sought after, as well as the most widely used by various people. This is because the SMS platform does have the largest user base in the world.

Every cell phone, whether it's a regular cell phone or a smartphone, is certainly equipped with SMS services without the need to download additional applications or services. Therefore, almost everyone who has cellphones can certainly access SMS messages effortlessly. This is what is used as the basis for SMS marketing.

Realizing that the SMS platform has a large number of users and can be accessed very easily, the SMS platform is suitable to be used as the best marketing tool to significantly develop business.

Hitech Terminal Enterprise One

Hitech Terminal Enterprise One

If you are looking for a recommendation for the best SMS broadcaster interceptor tool, maybe Hitech Terminal Enterprise One could be an option for you. This machine, like other Hitech Terminal machines, is one of the best SMS broadcaster machines which is very popular for SMS marketing.

With its very attractive specifications, this machine can help you to spread your promotional message in a fast time to thousands of people.

Here is the list of important specification of Hitech Terminal Enterprise One that might make you consider to choose this machine:

  • Can send SMS message that contains up to 400 Characters

  • Sharing speed up to 20.000 SMS / hour*

  • Can send SMS within the radius of 300m - 2km

  • Has Multiple Access feature

  • Come with Wifi built-in

  • 100% Free of additional services charge

  • Sender number unlocked

  • Portable and easy to carry

  • Equipped with Car Support

  • Can perform up to 5 Task

  • Access to Multiple Operator

  • Single Multiple ARFCN

  • Customizable Sender Name


  • IMSI Catcher

  • IMEI Catcher

  • Real Count

  • Flash Messages

With these complete specifications and features, it is not surprising that many people choose Hitech Terminal Enterprise One as their choice of interceptor device.

There are various kinds of interceptor devices that you can choose from. Adjust the interceptor device you will choose with your strategy, purpose, and type of business. To find out more about the other interceptor devices, visit the products section on our website.

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