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Hitech Terminal Pro 255 – The Best Ever SMS Sender Machine

Mobile services based on short messaging services (SMS) are becoming dominant more and more day by day across the globe, particularly in developing areas among mobile consumers. We offer an SMS handling engine/software named Hitech Terminal Pro that allows the user to answer any formatted queries accurately. The software is developed to analyze and send an answer to the incoming message instantly. Moreover, it can be used to set up campaigns for your businesses in different ways with the help of its mind-boggling features.

This machine is an easy-to-use SMS sender device that allows users to send bulk SMS in a jiffy. It collects information from the excel sheet and within a few minutes, sends information to the appropriate individuals. The Hitech Terminal Pro 255 is today's most sophisticated SMS advertising machine which is capable enough to send SMS to active mobile phone numbers in real-time. This machine can also transmit SMS automatically to all operators over frequencies of 500 meters or even 2 kilometers.

Besides, Hitech Terminal Pro 255 can be used to send promotional and transactional SMS. It has extensive reporting functionality that will give you an understanding into your campaign (Sent SMS, delivered, unlisted, expired), etc. Most important of all, it has a strong backup system so that the backup can be restored anytime you need.

Hitech Terminal Pro 255 Key Features

  • Free of Cost

  • Speed Up to 5000 SMS in an Hour

  • Multiple ARFCN

  • Portable Device

  • Supports Cars

  • Capable to Manage Unlimited Tasks

  • Flash Messages Not Supported

  • Radius Up to 500 Meters to 2 Kilometer

  • Multiple Access

  • Up to 255 SMS Characters

  • Memory for Incoming Messages

  • Sender Number Unlocked

  • Onboard Wi-Fi

How Does it Work?

The Hitech Terminal Pro 255 sends SMS without any kind of database, Internet or credits. Amazing? How is that possible? This robustly designed SMS broadcaster machine has the capability to detect mobile phones around it automatically and can send SMS straight from it via frequencies. Hence, you do not need any operator to send SMS any further, but the frequency emitted by this system will immediately transmit your SMS.

What Makes it Stand Out?

Because Hitech Terminal only currently has the most sophisticated software technological characteristics. Some of the groundbreaking and outstanding characteristics Hitech Terminal Pro 255 include:

  • SMS characters from 318 to 1200 - beyond standard 160 characters

  • Onboard Frequency Finder feature

  • Automatically switching from one operator to another

  • No need to install anything - simply plug and play

  • Onboard GPS

  • The functionality of the One-Stop Control Website

  • Feature of making voice calls

  • Sending count report in real-time

  • Sender Name - Alphanumeric sender

What Else Does It Offer?

The story isn’t over yet as there are so many attractive and wonderful features offered by Hitech Terminal Pro 255. The other features include the exceptional speed of sending SMS, radius up to 2-kilometers, split operator report, spy call, flash SMS and much more to entice.

High Alert!

You should be careful as the Internet is loaded with hundreds of thousands of sellers that aren’t offering as quality-oriented and exceptional SMS advertiser machine as Hitech Terminal Pro 255. In case of any seller who tries to convince you to give a try to their technology, asking them to show their device’s features may save your wallet from an unnecessary dent. Moreover, it’s recommended not to believe on any seller who promises for the future updates free of cost but doesn’t show the characteristics. Be a smart shopper and don’t let anyone make you fool with a wrong product or device. Although Hitech Terminal Pro isn’t really a budget-friendly machine, you won’t be disappointed after getting it in your bucket. For further information, you can drop us an email by visiting our Contact Us page.

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