How Can Two-Way SMS Take Your Business to Success?

It’s not deniable that we are spending our time on mobile devices more and more. Our mobile devices are used to interact with friends, families, for alarms, shopping, finding data about the world, researching, tracking money, for taking photos, reading and watching the news. The list, in fact, is endless!

That is one of the compelling reasons why companies emphasizing on mobile marketing and considering it as a significant element in their marketing strategies. Indeed, over 70% of marketing money is projected to be spent by 2019 on developing and implementing mobile applications and ads.

Mobile phones are all-inclusive with access to text messages, emails, social networks, etc. And while marketers have a variety of choices for mobile communication, the unequaled open-and-click rates of an "SMS marketing" platform remains to attract attention.

The advantages are numerous. It's no secret that communication is most efficient when it comes to a two-way street and companies who often talk to clients are better prepared to measure their requirements and in turn, can better serve their clients. The latest research shows that clients also prefer two-way texts. The study says that 80% to 90% of the world's individuals want not only a message from a company but also to be able to respond to them.

There are many ways in which companies can use two-way text messages. We have drawn the list of our top three together below.

Streamlining Everyday Process

It is not only suitable for creating a relationship with your clients in two ways, but it is also the ideal instrument to simplify everyday communications and procedures. You can set up reservations and appointments with the advantages of automating at your fingertips, which clients can react readily and rapidly. You can leap forward by establishing keyword triggers for these answers so that the whole process can be managed without human participation.

Increasing Your Database

Building a comprehensive database is often a top priority for companies, mainly if you actively run an SMS campaign. Your database can be quickly developed via giveaways and competitions. Who doesn't enjoy a freebie, after all? SMS is an optimal platform for this two-way process. You can run contests using 2-way SMS, which encourages customers to enter a text in a particular word code.

Although many more contests require entry via email or social media, the user can send a text notification in a matter of seconds. It is simple for your clients to enter, and you can automate a reply by setting up answers to specific keywords.

It will not only give you the chance to provide other promotions and special offers in the future, but it will also further increase your brand awareness, and you may just think about your company next time they wonder where you can eat.

Gaining Feedback

For the growth and development of any business, reviews and feedback both are essential, undoubtedly. There are several drawbacks to traditional techniques used to survey clients, such as direct mails, phone calls and emails. After all, when were you felt happy to get a phone call from a call center to provide valuable feedback or to do a survey?

In two ways, SMS can quickly and efficiently respond to customer feedback demands, making them far more likely to participate. For companies, a straightforward "How would you rate our item out of ten?" text message enables your clients to immediately and honestly think about the performance of your company. This simple gesture lets you increase and obtain useful insights into your customers' experience. Perhaps, two way SMS looks complicated to you, but that couldn’t be further from reality.

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