How Important is an Emergency Alert System During Disasters?

SMS alerts, without a doubt, play a vital role during disasters. FEMA reports that some 60% of Americans do not have an urgent action plan, though 80% of the population lives in weather-affected severe regions. The planning of a natural disaster is not considered until most people are too late. That can, however, be prevented by an emergency alert system. These warnings sent through emergency alert systems ensure that family and friends don't stay in the dark in emergencies. Knowledge, as they say, is power. Whom to call and what to do can protect everybody from damage in case of crisis or disasters.

Benefits of Emergency SMS Alerts

Every disaster is different from the other and people must always take many steps to keep themselves safe, and one of them is to be informed. There's no need to be proactive communication. People need only understand what is happening and what to do if things get worse. This data can be provided through SMS emergency alerts by businesses and public organizations.

  • Send Advice to Stay Ready for Any Emergency

So many mobile devices or software, i.e. bulk SMS blast makes it quite more accessible for all the people to get emergency updates. One can get alerts about flash floods, hail, tsunamis, tornadoes and much more. Once a user subscribes to the alert system, he/she gets access to the services that help them stay safe in any emergency.

  • Send Alerts Even When Electricity is Out

In most emergency departments, weather alerts and status updates are preferred with SMS. Mobile phones frequently become quicker and more reliable than television stations and radio even if the cable or power is out. And people can use them with their contact lists to receive and share text message alerts.

  • Government Sends Notifications

Many state/government agencies may use SMS alerts. They can send alerts to those who require assistance in a disaster – for instance, if someone is in trouble can receive SMS alerts about what to do next. The government can also use it to report an emergency to the right agencies.

  • Reach Easily Anywhere, Anytime

The establishment of an emergency alert system enables better disaster communication. People can use the system to keep in contact with the government, while organizations can reach people anywhere across the country. Users can also benefit from choosing which people to contact in an emergency. You can share text messages with your contacts with weather alerts using a smartphone — only a few seconds are required to do it — and you can choose to record or type the information you need to send.

  • SMS Alerts in Any Emergency

Weather forecasting organizations can send weather updates and warnings with SMS alerts. Details of the type and seriousness of the emergency may be provided. Police may also use LNS (local notifications systems) – for instance, to report about active shooting and other hazards to the residents. They can also warn people against severe weather in the region with SMS weather alerts.

  • How They Send Emergency Alerts?

The NWS (National Weather Service) doesn’t only use SMS broadcaster machine or other systems to send text alerts to the public, but NSW does share information on NOAA Weather Radio as well as iNWS service and too. Third-party sources such as emails and others are also used to alert the public.

  • Disaster Preparation Advice

Aside from all emergency SMS alert systems, FEMA has a mobile app that offers all the resources necessary to protect their families in an emergency. The app enables you to locate emergency zones close to your house or location. Furthermore, it will also lead you to facilities for disaster recovery in which you can contact someone from FEMA personally. Besides, it sends National Weather Service notifications in real-time.

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