How Much Effective is SMS Marketing System in 2019?

More marketing channels are available nowadays than ever before, so it can be hard to select the correct technique to take your business to the next level. Traditional methods such as printing and TV continue to be very expensive, while mobile ads and emails fight spam and advertising filters. With more than 98% open rate, high transmission and ability to boost other channels, sending online messages is among the more effective marketing platform.

How Much Effective is SMS Marketing System in 2019?

Mobile is the Biggest Platform for Marketing

In the previous century, the number of mobile consumers almost tripled with more than 5 billion individuals in 2019 using a mobile phone. The efficiency of SMS software is increasing with more mobile phones in hand. One study by British psychologists showed that consumers use their mobile phones twice as much as they think. Users are expected to touch their phone 2617 times daily to show how the most direct marketing approach can be targeted at mobile customers.

More companies now use SMS as their preferred mobile marketing option. Now, Coca-Cola is spending more than 70% of its mobile advertising budget on SMS services. Isn’t it mind-Boggling? To reach younger audiences, the sending of SMS online is particularly efficient. The “OneReach” research discovered that 85% of students prefer SMS as a customer service alternative. The efficiency of SMS marketing system amongst these younger audiences is expected to continue to develop.

Great Conversion Rates

There is a response rate of 45% for SMS messages, but more importantly than all other marketing instruments/tool, the interaction with these texts is substantially higher. After moving on to mass SMS services, a source has reported a click-through rate of 36%, while Email Click Rates stay only 3.4%.

To know where your clients come from, it is essential to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can readily track SMS marketing using Google Analytics for any SMS message you send. After implementing online SMS, debt collection agencies "Time Warner" was able to increase collections of late bills by 49%. These findings could be traced readily and showed SMS reminders as your best marketing tool.

SMS Marketing Boosts Other Channels

SMS Marketing may also contribute to increasing communication with other channels, such as email, website, and visits to the store. A shortened hyperlink is an excellent way for users to reach your website. You may also boost your open rate by a straightforward SMS reminder that says, "Check email for latest updates and offers." SMS is an excellent way to distribute coupons that can boost visits and purchases in stores. 73% of its registered customers made a purchase from Kiehl's Skin Care product after a product campaign launched via SMS software.

Direct Method of Marketing

The effectiveness of a marketing campaign is often influenced by its directness. One in five commercial address e-mails are either ended up in the junk folder or are completely blocked. Online SMS services, by contrast, reach virtually everybody on a mobile phone and are read in 90 seconds on average. With increasing ad blocking techniques, the efficacy of mobile advertising has also been decreased. Three hundred eighty million mobile consumers are now using ad-blocking, limiting mobile advertising reach. To cut it short, sending SMS online is a direct way of reaching such customers on their mobile devices and interestingly, it's one of the easiest ways.

The Bottom Line

Marketing of SMS is an efficient and cost-effective marketing instrument, without a doubt. Mobile use in 2019 achieved an all-time high, making SMS software such as SMS broadcaster machine a popular marketing platform. The direct SMS messaging method leads to high click-through rates that continue to increase other business channels' success.

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