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How SMS Technology Gives a Boost to Restaurant's Sales?

Sales of bars and restaurants are increasing more and more nowadays as compared to grocery stores, and the reason is that we have started dining out more. According to the latest report published by the National Restaurant Association, Americans have a habit of spending approx. 47% of their salaries or incomes in restaurants and these figures are expected to go higher in upcoming months. Is that good news for restaurants owners? Absolutely, yes!

But as people eat at the restaurant, the fight/battle for their business is also stepping up. Customer expectations are continually increasing, and it is more critical than ever for restaurateurs to innovate to attract and maintain clients. Companies need to continually examine methods of expanding the experience of their customers in this competitive environment and here is where SMS technology comes into action.

SMS Alerts

To keep the customer informed on ETA about food supplies, availability and table openings, sending SMS alerts and notifications is a bold move. You can notify the guest or customer via a text message when a table is ready.

Booking Reminders

The simplification of the booking process and the simplicity for guests can help you increase your sales. Sending SMS reminders can efficiently decrease no-shows and enable customers to postpone or cancel bookings or reservations, so that they can free their tables for other people or guests and, on the other hand, you don't suffer from the loss.

Feedback is Important

It’s all about customer experience, whether it’s a small restaurant or a big one. SMS allows for simple, fast and straightforward surveys and instant feedback. Send a text message asking customers to evaluate their experiences after their visit and to get precious ideas from their feedback, which can help you to improve when you need to.

Promo Codes and Deals

Text Messaging undoubtedly is an excellent way to send promotions and offers at the last minute. You can effectively promote your specials such as Valentine's Day and give a handsome boost to the orders you receive through bulk SMS campaigns. Text messaging also enables you to use SMS coupons' success rate efficiently. According to the reports from online sources, SMS coupons have an astonishing 1000% higher purchase rate as compared to print coupons.

Reward Loyal Customers

While it is essential to reach new customers, it has proved cost-efficient to keep your loyal customers happy. It actually may cost a fresh customer up to ten times more than retaining an existing customer. Based on studies, a repeat customer spends 60-70% more as compared to the new one and approx. 55% to 65% of companies now produce the bulk of their sales out of repeated customers rather than new ones.

Would you like your repeat customers to be encouraged? Offer them exclusive rewards, deals, and instant discounts. A program for SMS fidelity is an excellent way to do so. Once performed correctly, loyalty programs can really provide significant revenue even more than the money you spent. What else? SMS loyalty programs can readily be automated and thus, more comfortable to manage.

SMS aside for a second or two, and there are quite a few other ways to boost up your restaurant’s sale and increase customer experience.

Mobile Ads

You miss an enormous chance if you have yet to use mobile advertising for your restaurant. Mobile now makes up to 60-70% of digital media time spent, and more than 80% of paying ads are anticipated to come from a mobile device by 2020. Amazing? Mobile advertisements give an excellent marketing alternative for restaurants, as most clients often look for other options for nearby food options. With an exceptional mobile ad, you can easily attract and target dinners and event planners.

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