How Text Message Marketing Can Change the Game for Your Real Estate Business

Marketing strategies in the real estate business are changing pretty rapidly. People in the industry would generally distribute business cards and flyers and place ads in newspapers to generate leads, but all these traditional marketing practices and lead generation methods are no more producing the same results as they used to do back in their period of greatest success and popularity.

It has, nowadays, become very crucial for any business to deliver the right marketing messages in the right place, to the right people, and at the right time. So, for your real estate marketing campaigns, you can’t completely count on old school methods to generate better results for you. If you’re to thrive in the cutthroat real estate world, you need to build a strong online as well as mobile presence. Text marketing is one of, if not the most effective and reliable tool that you need to add to your marketing mix if you want to deliver all your time-sensitive information in just a matter of seconds and succeed without breaking the bank.

With the entry of resources like CRM and SMS broadcast tools, the heavy workload of real estate agents has facilitated a lot. These innovations have definitely changed their way of doing business. But how exactly these revolutions, more specifically text message marketing, can change your real estate business?

Get in Touch Effectively With Your Existing and Potential Clients

In the real estate business, the key is to renew or make contact with your current as well as prospective clients whenever they are actively seeking properties in the markets. But what if your current or potential customers are not searching? Maybe you have a list of properties that may make them feel interested?

With SMS marketing services, it’s easy to give your customers and potential leads updates on properties that can spark their interest based on their previous transactions, browsing history, and other information. When you sign up for an SMS text marketing platform or purchase an SMS sender device, you will most probably be able to personalize your text messages content depending on your clients’ location and the type of properties they’re looking for including the number of bedrooms, and the lot and floor areas, among others. With such location based SMS advertising, you make sure your clients only get the most significant updates that they want not the type of updates and ads that are certainly bad for your branding and business.

Send Auto-Replies and Queries

Since you would not be hooked to your smartphone forever, there is literally every chance that a buyer who is interested in purchasing a property sends a response to your text message and you are not around to quickly reply to him or her. And that means you will miss out on a huge opportunity.

Well, what can you do in that context? With an SMS broadcast machine, you can set-up auto-replies and responses to keep conservation with your client’s going while saving both your time and energy. You can automate replies about new listings, price updates, community events, and thank you messages, among others. This will help you also be aware of your potential customers’ specifics and preferences once you’re available to interact with him or her.

Capture Your Client Information and Keep it Organized

As mentioned earlier, it’s imperative in the real estate business to connect with your customers and prospects. Thus, it becomes critical that you’re capable of capturing your clients’ information automatically and keeping them organized efficiently. In this regard, you should integrate your SMS text marketing software with a proper CRM tool. Having a CRM for real estate business working alongside your SMS transmitter machine or platform lets you automatically collect data you would need to create an accurate profile for each customer as well as to send customized updates, newsletters, emails, and other marketing material to your customers via SMS advertising and various other marketing channels.

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