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How To Be a Blogger and Make Money

Currently, there are many ways to make money through online media. You can make content on Instagram, on Facebook, on Youtube, and get paid. You can be a blogger too and upload interesting articles. So the question is, how to be a blogger ?

To become a blogger, you have to create your own blog on Wordpress, Blogspot or the others. Create a unique, interesting and informative blog on Google, and make money. You don’t need to spend money, because there is a free blog that you can create and manage by yourself. Here are the steps.

How Do You Start a Blog for Free ?

To create a simple blog, you don’t even need to have coding and programming skill. There are platforms like Wordpress or Blogspot that can be used for free by anyone. Here are 4 simple steps to start a blog for free on Blogspot.

1. Prepare Your Gmail Account

The first thing that you have to prepare is to create a Gmail Account. You can create a new account if you don’t have it before. Make sure the email address is valid and create a strong password. But don’t forget your own password and don’t tell anyone.

You can create a Google account on Google by filling out the form. After that you can follow the instructions to finish the registration.

How to be A Blogger
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2. Create Your Blog On Blogger Or Blogspot

After the Gmail account is ready, you can visit this website www.blogger.com. Click the “create your blog” button and login with your Gmail account. That is the reason why you must have a Gmail account. Then you can fill in the title of the blog and the URL address that will be used as the domain.

3. Complete The User Profile

Next you will be asked to complete the profile. Complete all the data in your profile and save it. Double-check the data you have entered. Make sure there are no spelling and writing errors. You can finish it if all forms are filled. And now you have any information on how to be a blogger.

That is how do free Google blogs make money. After the blog is already used, you can create the articles and upload them. Look for the hottest topics that attract a lot of people’s interest. You can write about health information, food, film and drama recommendations, lifestyle, traveller and many others.

How Do Beginner Blogger Make Money?

If you already have a blog. It's better to determine one main topic for all existing articles. Because writing different things will affect traffic. By being consistent in content writing, visitors will continue to search for you on that topic.

If your blog and articles appear on the top page of a search engine, automatically there will be a lot of visitors and traffic will go up.

And that way you will get paid a lot. In addition, if your blog is crowded, there will be many ads that will be posted on your blog. That’s how to be a blogger and make money.

How Do Blogger Get Paid?

All of that will make your income increase. There are many ways to get paid by blogging. First is pay per click ads, when someone clicks on your ads, that makes you earn money. The most popular in these ads is Google Adsense. Average 15 until 50 cents for a click.

How to be A Blogger
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Besides pay per click ads there are other forms of blog that can make you paid, which are:

What Kind of Blogs Make The Most Money?

Among all of the ways to get paid, There are many kinds of blogs that make the most money. In the first place is a finance blog like budgeting, saving money, investing money, passive income and many others. The second is marketing blog, it helps the owner to marketer and business.

To make money with a blog we need to pay attention to the topic or niche that will be chosen. Also pay attention to public interest. By understanding what people want to know and what people need, you can create blogs that are visited by many people. That’s a little information about how to be a blogger and make money.

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