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Know More on How To Broadcast a Text Message

Broadcast a text message is done to spread information quickly to many people using cell phones with a specific purpose. How to broadcast a text messages? You can create broadcast messages using WhatsApp or SMS with some very easy steps.

How Do I Broadcast Text Messages on Android?

How to broadcast a text messages on Android? You can do it using the WhatsApp messaging application. Here are the easy steps that you can follow:

1. Open the WhatsApp App

You can start by pressing the other Menu button (three dots icon in the upper right corner), then select New broadcast.

On the next page, select several users to target, then end by pressing the check button to create a broadcast list. After that, type and send a message like when sending a regular WhatsApp message

How to Broadcast a Text Message
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2. Press the Send button

Click the send button (the paper airplane icon next to the message body), and the message will be sent personally to each recipient.

When the recipient replies to the broadcast message, the reply message will also appear as a private message and will not be sent to other recipients who are included in the Broadcast List.

What Does It Mean To Broadcast A Text Message?

In the business world, broadcast messages can be used to send personal chats to potential buyers who have or have never purchased your product with content and fees that you can set yourself. Broadcast messages have a fairly high level of effectiveness in providing information quickly.

How Do I Send a Cell Broadcast Message?

With the development of very advanced technology, now you can send information very easily in bulk via SMS directly from your cell phone. The following is an explanation:

1. Click the Broadcast Tab

First, open your phone and then click the broadcast messages tab. After the broadcast page appears, there will be a history of broadcasts that your account has created.

2. Click Send SMS

After the broadcast page opens, please click send SMS with the type of broadcast that you want by clicking create a broadcast.

3. Set Broadcast Name

Do the default settings by filling in the field name by filling in the broadcast message. Optionally change the name to make it invisible to the recipient of the message so you can find it later.

4. Create Your Message

Write your message by making sure the content of the message suits your own purpose and your marketing promotion.

5. Select SMS Account

Determine the SMS account that you will use to send broadcast messages, or it can also use an account that is unknown to people.

6. Set Broadcast Time

Please, specify the broadcast time starting from the date and time. You can spread the message within a certain period. Apart from that, you can also set an expiration date so that pending messages cannot be delivered.

7. Select Broadcast Message Receiver

You can manually select broadcast message recipients by adding a number to the field menu. When adding users manually they can click fix country code. It will automatically correct the international format for numbers from the US, UK, Ireland, and Australia.

8. Click the Checkbox

Clicking the checkbox to request that the network operator id be forwarded. The link is in the right pane to unlock the network operator code.

9. Pop Up Appears

A pop-up will appear asking you to check the contents of the file which contains additional details on each end-user which can be included as a variable in the SMS message. You can then customize the message with the value to be uploaded.

10. Click Send

If the message is ready then you can click send and the messages will be directly sent to the recipient.

How to Broadcast a Text Message
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What Is Broadcast in Mobile Phone?

Mobile broadcasting is a technology designed to send SMS messages to several people at once in a certain geographic area within a certain period. Cell broadcast messages are different from group SMS, in that the recipient cannot see other people's responses.

Can you broadcast to a cell phone? As explained in the previous paragraph, you can send broadcast messages via SMS to a cell phone with quite easy steps.

And that’s how to broadcast a text messages with some easy steps. You can easily broadcast any messages you want.

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