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How To Clear Cache Android? Here Is The Easy Way

Cache is the remnants of data storage that is no longer used, whether it’s data photos or anything, and can interfere with the performance of your smartphone. Phones that have too much cache will usually lag and will not function properly. For that, it is very important for you to know how to clear cache Android so that your smartphone continues to run smoothly.

This cache will automatically build overtime if it is not cleaned regularly. Actually, sometimes some smartphones can delete the cache automatically, but the deletion is also sometimes ineffective and still leaves quite a lot of remaining caches. Check out more discussion about how to clear cache android here.

How Do I Clear All Cache on Android?

Clearing the cache on your Android smartphone is an easy thing. All Android owners should know how to clear the cache on their cellphones. Some people don't even know what a cache is and don't realize that their cellphones have an annoying cache pool until it's too late.

Hoarding cache and not clearing it probably won't do much damage to your Android phone in no time. But over time, after several years of use, your smartphone may experience a drastic decrease in performance in its software.

You may feel your phone got more laggy, your storage constantly full, your phone is not responding well, and many other disturbances.

To clear cache, please refer to the several steps on how to clear cache android below:

  • Go to your “Settings”.

  • Find the storage settings.

  • On some types of Android, especially the newer ones like Android 11, usually in this storage settings option there is already an option to clear the cache entirely in one click. Some are usually available with a broom icon.

  • If you don't find it, then you can see what applications usually take up the most storage in your application.

  • Go to the storage settings of the application, then you will be able to find the option to clear the cache for those apps.

  • Perform these steps on other apps that you want to clear cache.

That’s how to clear cache android with a manual way. But nowadays you don’t have to go through the Settings option if you want to clear your cache, there is a feature where you can do it automatically.

Device Optimization Feature

In some Android smartphones, you don't have to bother going to Settings and clearing caches manually one by one. Some of the latest types of Android already provide features that are very useful. Usually this feature is referred to as device optimization and can automatically be found easily on your home screen.

This device optimization feature will give you an analysis of the performance of your smartphone. Usually they will provide a brief report on the available capacity on your smartphone, how much your battery is performing, and most importantly, tell you what percentage or amount of cache has been accumulated on your smartphone.

This feature can even provide alerts to you if you feel that the cache accumulated during usage is very large. Not only that, they usually provide the option to delete the cache that is no longer needed very easily.

If you don't want to bother going through all the steps previously discussed in how to clear cache android above, then you can take advantage of this feature. Now there are also various device optimization apps or tools available on the Google Playstore that you can download for free.

Is It Good to Clear Cache on Android?

how to clear cache android

Yes, clearing the cache on your Android phone is very recommended as it is actually beneficial for your phone. By deleting the existing cache, the phone is no longer burdened with unused storage and can run the programs in it properly.

In fact, it's not just the phone as a whole. It is also recommended that you regularly clear your browser cache and other apps that can pile up cache. Clearing browser cache, such as Chrome, can help search engines display results more effectively and quickly.

Therefore, all Android owners must know how to clear cache Android , so that your cellphone software is not damaged and laggy. Clearing the browser cache or applications on your smartphone also helps your cellphone to run faster.

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