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How to Create Digital Art with Free Digital Platforms

Updated: Aug 23

Digital art has experienced a very significant development, especially during the last few years. More and more tools that support digital artists and platforms are emerging to make a profit from the arts they create. Moreover, with NFT monetization, now many people want to learn how to create digital art.

To create digital art is actually more or less the same as when making art in a conventional way. In fact, digital art is much more practical to make because there are many digital platforms that are already available to create art with elements that you can't get in conventional art. Check out the explanation on how to create digital art in this discussion.

What Do You Need for Digital Art?

how to create digital art

Many people think that to create digital art, an artist will need complex and expensive tools and platforms that are difficult to obtain.

Even though the fact is far from that, you can make digital art with simple electronic tools, such as your own smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. You can use any of these tools, you don't have to have all of them to make good digital art.

The most important thing is your willingness to continue to hone your skills. If you are not an experienced artist before, then you can watch many tutorials on how to create digital art on Youtube or Skill Share. There are lots of creators who can teach you step by step tutorials, from simple to complex things.

How Can A Beginner Start Digital Art?

To start making digital art, you can first determine what type of digital art you will create. Usually people will make digital paintings, but there are also many artists who make their art much more interesting by adding animation or motion and making their art such as videos or GIFs.

If you have determined the art format you want to create, then you just have to look for various digital platforms that can help you create art according to your wishes.

Different types of art will of course require different platforms to create them. Do research from experts or from the internet about what tools you should use and what platforms you should install.

After that, you can start to get to know the platform before starting to make your art. Make sure you are familiar with the basic tools available on the platform you are using.

The various digital platforms that are usually used to create digital arts are usually quite complex and take time until you are familiar with what tools are available to you.

What Program is Best for Making Digital Art?

There are lots of digital platforms or programs that you can use to create digital art. Ranging from paid to free, all platforms certainly have advantages and disadvantages.

If you are a beginner and just want to try to make digital art, then you can try it first with free platforms that you can get easily from the internet. The following are some free art programs and platforms that are recommended for beginners in the digital art world:

- Autodesk

- Medibang


- Paint

- Krita

Of course, the tools owned by this program are not as complete as paid programs. But even so, the tools here are still sufficient to create simple digital art.

How Do I Turn My Drawings into Digital Art?

Many people still prefer to make art in a conventional way, with paper art pencils compared to using digital platforms and technological tools. The good news is, you can turn your conventional art or drawings into digital art. The easiest way you can turn your drawing into digital art is to scan it with a proper scanner.

There are lots of scan machines that you can buy to scan your drawings and turn them into digital images. You can use this scanner tool and connect it to a digital platform so that you can make your drawings even better.

Besides scanning it, you can also trace it on digital platforms. Take your drawing and make this photo as a background layer for your digital art, then place a layer above it and you can trace it to create an identical image from your own drawing.

That is some brief explanation on how to create digital art and some other basic information related to it. Also read various other articles about technology tips on our website.

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