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6 Simple Ways How to Create FB Business Page

If you have a chance to own a business, you must have a Facebook Business Page. A FB Business Page is a strengthful way to have a connection with your new or old customers. Here are 6 simplest ways to create FB Business Page.

What is FB Business Page?

Before jumping on how to create FB business page, you have to know that the FB Business page is such a free opportunity for good business growth. It can increase your brand awareness and post your promotion or sales. Facebook has billions daily active users and that is the reason why 200 million businesses use this free service as a marketplace.

This page allows you to share information about contact, post content, share updates, promote events and obviously to connect with people. The good fact is creating a business page on Facebook is kind of simple. So, let’s take a look at how it will happen.

6 Ways How to Create FB Business Page

In the creating process of a business page on FB, you require login to your personal FB account. It will not let your private information on your personal account visible on the business page. Your personal FB will work like a key to enter the business page.

FB Business page can be managed by one or more administrators. If you have some administrators, then their personal FB will connect with the business page. If you already logged in, the next step is making new FB business pages with these 6 simple ways.

how to create FB business page

1. Sign up

After you logged in on your personal account, you need to click the create button on the right side. Or you can click this facebook.com/pages/create. Then you need to make sure to choose the first option which is “page” to create your FB business page.

After you choose a page, you have to choose a category for the page. There are two options which are “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure”. The typical business will choose the first one, “Business or Brand”.

2. Fill the description

Type your page name as your business name or you can type the name that people will search when trying to go to your pages. Then you have to choose a business category that will represent what your business is about or offers. If you are into cooking, you need to choose a restaurant or café.

Next step is to fill the description field. You need to put a short description about your page up to 255 characters. This description will appear in the search result.

3. Pick pictures

This step need you to pick pictures for profile and cover for your FB business page. It is an important step because it will decide a good or bad first impression in visual. Make sure the picture aligns with the brand and is easily identifiable.

You will upload the picture for profile first. It will appear on the left side on your FB page. These profile photos will also accompany the business name when you make interaction with people or in the search result.

The advice is to use the picture that is your brand logo or try something authentic or the signature thing that you offer. Then you need to add a cover photo and make sure that the picture is also recognizable. Make sure that the picture doesn’t get cropped and clear to see.

After you upload it, you will have an opportunity to sneak the desktop and mobile views. Use it to adjust the position. Don’t forget to click save in the end.

4. Invite Friends

Facebook will provoke you to welcome your current Facebook companions from your individual account to like your modern trade page. Existing Facebook companions can give a great beginning base of likes for a modern Facebook business page, so it is exhorted to go ahead and do this.You can click the pop up menu to invite your friends.

5. Add additional details and button

You can add information about the adders, menu, or contact information. It may be potensial because of the first point reference from the customers. Don’t forget to bring CTA on your page.

CTA or call to action are free tools on this page. You can add contact, website, and many more items. Just select the things that suit your business best.

6. Be active

When the page is created, you need to be active. It included posting or making interactions with the customers. It will make your page more interesting and the audience will be happy to visit your page again and again.

Now you know about how to create FB business page. It’s time for you to start yours. It will absolutely help your engagement and marketing goals.

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