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How To Download Youtube Videos: The Simple Ways

Updated: Jul 13

Although many already know, but there are also some people who are still new to the download feature on Youtube. You want to save data but still want to watch Youtube videos? Then you can download it first so you can watch it offline through the tutorial on how to download Youtube videos here.

To download videos from Youtube, there are actually 2 ways you can do. You can use the features directly from Youtube, or you can also use other methods from the web. The following is a discussion about how to download youtube videos from both ways.

Why Do You Need to Download Your Youtube Videos First?

If you are someone who opens Youtube on a daily basis and uses it as your source of entertainment, then you will definitely realize that Youtube takes up a lot of data to operate it. For that, you are much more advised to download the video you want to watch first when you want to watch it.

Downloading videos from Youtube uses less data, so you'll be watching them with far less data than when you stream it right away. In addition, you can also choose the quality of the video you want to download.

The less video quality you choose, then of course the data used will also be less for you to be able to watch the video.

In addition to data saving reasons, some people may also want to use YouTube videos as entertainment, including when they are in a faraway place and there is no signal.

This downloaded video can be played offline and can be stored in the downloaded section on your Youtube for a long time. So if you have a long trip plan, then you can use this feature to make your trip more enjoyable.

How to Download Youtube Videos

how to download youtube videos

As mentioned earlier, there are 2 ways that you can use when you want to download videos from Youtube. You can choose for yourself which method is the most suitable for you. Here are the two ways that you can use to download videos from Youtube:

1. Use The Download Feature on Youtube

When you open a Youtube video, usually you will have the choice of a download button under the video, right? This feature is what you can use to download YouTube videos that you want to watch.

The method is also very easy. You just press the button, then you will be faced with a choice of video resolution you want. Choose the video resolution that suits your needs, the amount of your cell phone storage, and also the data capacity you still have.

But unfortunately, not all videos on Youtube can be downloaded through this feature. Some videos such as music videos or certain videos have special copyright permissions which make them non downloadable for the public.

Some questions that often arise regarding this feature are "can I download Youtube videos to my gallery with this feature?". Unfortunately the answer is no. Videos that have been downloaded can only be played back in the downloaded section on Youtube only.

2. Use Youtube Downloader

The next way that you can use on how to download youtube videos is by using Youtube downloaded which is widely available for free on the internet. This method is suitable for those of you who are looking for an on how to download youtube videos on a laptop.

With youtube downloader, you can download videos into your laptop's internal storage or your own gallery, if you download them on your smartphone.

You just need to find the best or trusted youtube downloader, go to their website, then enter the link of the youtube video you want to download. Usually you will also be given a choice regarding the resolution or format you want to download.

Not only that, some platforms also provide a download with subtitles feature. You just need to find the right platform.

And that is how to download youtube videos with 2 recommended ways. Downloading videos directly with their own feature might be more reliable and safe.

However, because there are many restrictions and shortcomings, you can also use the youtube downloader to do it. Just make sure that the downloader you choose is reliable and not infecting your browser with viruses. Also read an explanation about easy ways you can do to create your own business's youtube.

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